Fun Valentine’s Day Gifts for Little Girls Who Love Fashion, Crafts, Science and To Create Music!

When I was a kid I absolutely loved crafting in school, at home and just about everywhere else in between! There’s nothing quite like crafting a project and knowing you made it, and of course having your mom and dad hang it up in their office or at home on the refrigerator. I still beam with pride when my mom puts out the Christmas tree dish I painted when I was a Campfire Girl back when I was in about first grade. Does one ever grow out of crafting? I know I never have! Kids love to create and love having their parent, aunt, grandparent, cousin, best friend help them out, too. It’s something they’ll never forget!

I was browsing the net the other day checking out cute fun gifts for my cousins for Valentine’s Day and stumbled upon tons and tons of fun gift ideas for girls who love to craft. Seriously, these gifts look like so much fun, I’m pretty sure I need just about every single one, too! If you’re on the hunt for a fun DIY gift for the kid on your list this Valentine’s Day, please be sure to scroll down and check out these great little gift ideas!!!


This little friendship bracelet kit is on sale!



Paper doll kit for the budding fashion designer!









Fun Valentine’s Day t-shirt graffiti kit!



The perfect gift for the young lady who dreams of being an architect, engineer or designer!













Imagine everything that can be made with these luxe beads!











Think of all the fun things you can make with a pottery wheel!






This perfume kit is a must!



This comet electric guitar starter kit is a great Valentine’s Day gift for girls who love to create MUSIC!



Sparkly guitar? Sign me up!



Learn how to knit without knitting needles!




















I hope I’m not too old for a candy chemistry science kit? 🙂











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