Fitness Expert Laura DeAngelis Talks Hottest Fitness Trends for 2015

Believe it or not, but it’s already mid January! Where has the time gone? If you overindulged on delicious meals and decadent desserts over the holiday season, and are looking to get fit and in shape in the new year, you are in luck! Fitness expert Laura DeAngelis joined me for an interview today to dish on the hottest fitness trends for 2015 that will help you look and feel great just in time for bikini season which is only a few months away.


Laura Loves Fitness Fitness expert Laura DeAngelis joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on the hottest fitness trends for 2015 health and wellness

Fitness expert Laura DeAngelis joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on the hottest fitness trends for 2015.

Candace Rose: What new trends are we seeing for feeling fit and fabulous in 2015?

Laura DeAngelis: “Candace, one thing I’d like everybody to embrace this year – this is the year you’re not going to let those resolutions fall to the waistline. The idea is to focus on small steps, small changes that you can do on a daily basis that are going to accumulate over time, be sustainable and really factor into a whole year’s worth of overall health and wellbeing. In other words, make a healthy change today. Instead of a bagel, have a yogurt. This week maybe you want to have vegetables everyday with your meal and kind of keep that going day by day, week by week and you’ll start to notice those positive changes making a difference on how you feel overall, and that’s a really good thing, you want to keep it going.

The great news, Candace, is there are tools out there that can actually help you along the way.”


Candace Rose: Can you tell us about some cool new gear that will help keep us motivated?

Laura DeAngelis: “Absolutely. For me, I’ll tell you right now, if I get to the gym and I don’t have the right playlist it can be a disaster. It can be the difference between sticking with the workout and just throwing in the towel. Music can be a great motivator for everybody, and the great news is we have technology on our side for that because we have the LG Tone Pro. This is a wireless headset, it goes right around your shoulders. It’s nice and light and this works with any BlueTooth device. One charge is going to give you 10 hours of music listening times. Candace, that’s a lot of music and you can kind of focus on the tunes, forget about the burn and keep on working out.”


Candace Rose: Is there anything else that we can do to stay healthy this year?

Laura DeAngelis: “Absolutely. I think most of us realize that a strong immune system, that’s what’s going to help us all fight things like colds and the flu and all those bugs that are flying around, especially at this time of year. But what you might not realize is 70% of your immune system is in your digestive tract. If you take a probiotic everyday, that’s a really simple thing you can do to help promote the balance of good bacteria in your digestive tract and that’s going to keep the immune system strong. Culturelle Health and Wellness is a probiotic. It’s the only one out there that’s 100% Lactobacillus GG. That’s the strain that you hear about that’s scientifically proven and naturally derived. Every capsule has 15 billion live cultures, and they even have one for vegetarians.

So again, Candace, if you add this to making some healthier eating choices on a daily basis, getting your activity, trying to get enough sleep, this is all going to help with that strong immune system year round.”


Candace Rose: How can we indulge this year without hurting our waistline?

Laura DeAngelis: “I’m really glad you asked that because I’m one of those people who definitely believes that you have to have your treats. We need a little chocolate now and then maybe or a cupcake and I like my wine. If you read my blog Laura Loves Fitness, you’ll know I really do believe everything in moderation. You’ve just got to keep it in check and you can still enjoy yourself.

The great news is with wine, there’s a new one out there that can help you enjoy it and not feel so guilty. Again, it’s a new wine from Brancott Estate, it’s called Flight Song. What’s different about it is that the grapes are harvested a little earlier. That means that the wine is naturally lighter in sugar, lighter in alcohol and 20% lighter in calories. So, Candace, at the end of a crazy day you want to have that glass of wine or you want to spend some time socializing with your friends, you can have that glass of wine, have a little decompression time, we all need that in our hardworking lives. Sense of wellbeing mentally is very important for feeling fabulous all year too.”


Candace Rose: Well, thank you for the great tips, Laura! Where can we go for more information?

Laura DeAngelis: “It’s my pleasure. Candace if you want to learn some more about what we discussed today, you can go to For more health and wellness tips, you can also go to my blog:”


Laura DeAngelis – Fitness Expert

Laura DeAngelis is the creator of, a motivational health and fitness blog. The New York native is certified as a personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and group exercise instructor with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). Her fitness videos have appeared on Working Woman Report, and she has 17 years of media experience as a broadcast journalist, TV host and producer.


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