Watch Parenthood Final Season: The Last Four Episodes Amber’s Pregnancy, Julia and Joel, Zeek’s Health Video Clips


The matriarch and patriarch of the Braverman family (Camille "Millie" and Zeek Braverman) during the final season of NBC's "Parenthood".

The matriarch and patriarch of the Braverman family (Camille “Millie” and Zeek Braverman) during the final season of NBC’s “Parenthood”.



NBC’s “Parenthood” is returning next Thursday (January 8th) for just four more episodes, and while I’m still holding out hope that Zeek, the patriarch of the Braverman family will live, I’m having a hard time believing that, especially after watching the newly released preview of the final four episodes. This season has been a tearjerker, we’ve rooted on Julia and Joel, praised Amber for convincing her grandfather to have surgery, and we’ve watched roles reverse.

It’s hard to watch loved ones get older, especially when they become ill and lose their independence. Maybe that’s why this is so difficult for me? My grandmother was the strongest person I know, (much like Zeek) before her dementia diagnosis. My mother, the youngest of her family is more like the oldest Braverman, Adam, and I guess I’ve got a little bit of Drew in me, especially this season as he tried to convince his grandfather to take better care of himself (much to grandpa Zeek’s dismay).

“Parenthood” is the most realistic show I have ever watched, and it has had the power to convince me to express my emotions, when I didn’t even know I was suppressing them. To say I’m going to miss this show is an understatement. There isn’t a program on television quite like it. Will there ever be? I don’t know. I sure hope so. I hope that the show will be as realistic. If there are a few things we can learn from the Braverman clan, it’s that we must fight for what we love, for our family and that we mustn’t give up in the face of adversity.

Please be sure to watch the video below for clips to the next four episodes of “Parenthood”. Spoiler: We learn about Amber’s pregnancy (will she go into labor?), Julia and Joel’s relationship, and Zeek’s health condition.


Don’t forget to tune into NBC’s “Parenthood” as it returns for four final episodes starting on January 8th, 2015 at 10 pm.


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