Toy Commentator Meredith Sinclair’s Top 6 Play-Full Holiday Toys, Games and Technology For Kids and Families – Interview

Are you on the hunt for a great last minute holiday toy that your kids will love and your family will enjoy? If so, you’re in luck! Education specialist and toy commentator, Meredith Sinclair joined me for an interview recently to dish on the top “play-full living” toys, games and technology that teach and entertain.



Education specialist, toy commentator and columnist Meredith Sinclair joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on the tops that are education, kids will enjoy and families will love!

Education specialist, toy commentator and columnist Meredith Sinclair joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on the tops that are education, kids will enjoy and families will love!




Candace Rose: What new building adventure do you have for kids and families?

Meredith Sinclair: “Let’s start from the latest and greatest from Lego, it’s from the Hobbit line and it’s called The Lonely Mountain. Kids are going to love being Bilbo Baggins as they travel through this treacherous mine in search of the Arkenstone. The real star of this set though is the fire breathing dragon named Smog. What I love about these sets is that they really encourage role playing and storytelling with your kids. Really, they’re fun for the whole family. Everyone loves to build these.

Next up, if you’re looking for an app for girls, the latest and greatest and really fun is My Talking Angela. It’s free for all platforms and it comes from the Talking Tom and Friends, which is super popular. It has all sorts of new activities to take your cat on and then girls can nurture Angela from little kitten all the way to cathood, design dresses for her and even rooms for her home. With all of this holiday travel that we’re about to be doing, this is the perfect app for little girls.”


Candace Rose: What’s your tablet of choice for work and play?

Meredith Sinclair: “Tablets are on most peoples lists right now. The latest and greatest and best in tech is the HP Stream 8 Signature Edition tablet. What I like about this so much is that it’s only $179.99, but it’s super fast and sharp. It comes with Windows 8.1, and you never have to worry about wifi with this because it comes with 200 megabytes of free data every single month and there’s no contract involved, so teens and parents love that.”


Candace Rose: Is there anything really special this holiday season for those who love fantasy and adventure?

Meredith Sinclair: “Absolutely. If your kids are into fantasy play then they’re really going to dig this new game from PlayStation 3. It’s called Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX and it’s from SQUARE ENIX. What’s great about this game is that it’s taken three of the most beloved games of that series and beautifully remastered them, so now kids can go on all sorts of epic adventures with Sora who is the hero of this series, but they can also incorporate over 100 different Disney characters which makes this a really appealing game for all different ages in your family.”


Candace Rose: How can you keep those creative juices flowing in the world of crafts?

Meredith Sinclair: “This next item I love because it’s a craft item for boys and girls. It takes advantage of the new Skinning trend, it’s called the Graphic Skinz Design Studio. Kids can re-skin objects like their cellphone cases or toys. They just wrap the skin around it, then wrap a damp sponge around that and pop into a super suction vacuum changer and in just a few minutes they pull it out and get a whole new item with a brand new skin. Boys and girls will love crafting with this.”


Candace Rose: Do you have anything for techie kids?

Meredith Sinclair: “Absolutely. If your kids are into tech they are going to love this new robot called the Ozobot. It’s actually a tiny programmable robot that reads color patterns and flashing lights, and kids can program it to dance and play and move on paper and tablets. What I really love is that we’re teaching kids simple coding skills which they really need to know now. Plus it taps into their deductive reasoning, which is always great. It’s a tech toy with a little teaching snuck in.”


Candace Rose: Thank you so much for the great gift ideas, Meredith. Where can we go for more information?

Meredith Sinclair: “For more information you just go to”





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