Technology Journalist Andrea Smith’s Top Five Tech Gifts For Everyone On Your Holiday List

The holidays can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to shopping for the perfect gift for that special person on your list or that guy or gal who has everything. If you’re on the hunt for the must have¬†gift for the beauty lover, techie and everyone else on your holiday list, you’re in luck! Technology journalist, Andrea Smith is an expert when it comes to tech gifts, and she was kind enough to join me from Palm Beach, Florida this morning for an interview to dish on her top five tech gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list.



Technology journalist, Andrea Smith joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on her top five holiday gifts for everyone on your list!

Technology journalist, Andrea Smith joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on her top five holiday gifts for everyone on your list!






Candace Rose: What are the hottest tech gifts this holiday season?

Andrea Smith: “We’ve partnered with five brands to bring you the latest holiday tech. We’re at The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach, Florida and I’ve got Santa’s Workshop right behind me.

I’m starting with Amazon Fire TV. This is a tiny box that plugs into your television, your High Def TV and it makes it smart. It gives you access to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, ESPN and of course Amazon Instant Video. What I love about is voice search, so you simply hold the remote, talk to it and search for a movie by title, by actor name, by director. There are lots of ways to search, it makes it so easy, parents are going to love the Amazon FreeTime Parental Controls which lets them decide how much screen time each child gets.”





Candace Rose: What about smartphone accessories?

Andrea Smith: “Everyone has a smartphone these days, right? We need to multitask and listen to music, so LG’s Tone series of wireless stereo headsets are great because they’ve got premium audio quality and noise canceling capabilities. Of course because they’re Bluetooth they connect to handsfree to your phone. They have this really unique design, this ergonomic over the neck design which makes them very lightweight, very comfortable to wear. These are super convenient for anyone who likes to listen to music at the gym or who likes to make calls and listen to music on a commute. They range in prices from $69 to $149, so lots of options there.”


Candace Rose: Are there any new video games to be on the lookout for?

Andrea Smith: “Oh my gosh you’ve got to see these video games, head over to GameStop first of all because they’ve got everything you need for the video gamer or the techie in your life. They’ve got great prices on new and used video games and then they’ve got these interactive figures from Skylanders and Disney Infinity.

Nintendo’s just released an Amiibo, these are so cool because you simply tap the figure on the Wii U game pad controller and they pop to life in games like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. This is a whole new way of interacting with video games.”


Candace Rose: Tablets have been a must have holiday gift for the last couple of years. Is it possible to get a good deal on one this holiday season?

Andrea Smith: “There’s lots of great deals on tablets and T-Mobile is helping out by offering 200 megabytes of free data every month for the life of your tablet. They’re also helping with data by letting you listen to music streaming services like Pandora, Rhapsody and iTunes Radio and not charging it against your data, which is really helpful. Here’s a tip, before you go, go to your kitchen drawers, get your phones, get your tablets, trade them in and T-Mobile will give you a guaranteed best trade-in value on your device. They’ll even beat other wireless carriers, so go put that money towards a new tablet.”


Candace Rose: What would be a great tech gift for the woman in your life?

Andrea Smith: “We’re really hard to shop for! This sensor mirror (please see video above for details) from Simplehuman, check this out, as your face approaches the mirror it lights up. It’s got this tru-lux light system. It’s a little techie but it simulates natural sunlight which we know is really the best for applying makeup. It’s got five times magnification so you can get in close and also see your whole face. It’s cordless so it won’t clutter up your counter space. It’s USB rechargeable. This one is portable so you can take it on the road to a hotel or on vacation. If you buy one of these mirrors now, you get a three month subscription to Birchbox.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Andrea Smith: “For more information on everything we talked about today, head over to”





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