Baby Dolls And Pottery Barn Kids Dollhouses Make A Great Last Minute Christmas Gift for Little Girls!

There may only be 5 days until Christmas Day, but there’s still time to buy your daughter (or the little girl in your life) an adorable doll that she will love and cherish for years to come! I remember when I was a kid, my mom bought me a Gotz doll that I named “Baby Jenny”. I took her everywhere with me! She had the best clothing, tons of accessories and lived a pretty posh life in her fabulous dollhouse that we adults could only dream of having.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect doll, dollhouse or clothing and accessories for her baby, please be sure to scroll down and of course head over to Pottery Barn Kids, as they have a phenomenal sale going on right now on a variety of items.


Little girls and boys have been playing with Gotz dolls for over 60 years and they’re still adored, today! PS They’re on sale for $40 off!





Does your little girl dream of being a veterinarian? How perfect is this Special Edition Brooklyn Veterinarian Gotz Doll?!





Nearly every girl dreams of being a princess from time to time!




Fun mini designer dolls (Imagine Lucy, Love Mabel, Daisy)!





I remember being a little girl and not being able to go anywhere without my Gotz baby!




An adorable stroller for her Gotz baby!




Does your little girl have twin baby dolls? How about this fun little stroller?!



Loving this vintage inspired English pram stroller:





Her little Gotz princess needs a horse and carriage. How else is she going to meet prince charming? 😉





Does your daughter or niece love horses? She’ll love this plush horse and stable!








ADORABLE doll kitchen for baking tasty treats and making pancakes for mom and dad on Saturday mornings!





Tis the age for dance recitals and ballet slippers! Your “little ballerina” will love this adorable doll ballerina bar!




Her baby doll needs a chic sleigh bed to lay her head down at night!




Or perhaps this dreamy princess canopy bed!





Is her doll old enough to drive a pink car? 🙂




Fun outfit for the fashionista!



Loving the equestrian doll outfit!




Is Santa Claus giving your little girl a doll for the holidays/Christmas? How about this festive nightgown set?!




Your little girl can play beauty shop with these fun curlers and a designer hairdryer!




The Royal Palace Dollhouse is a dream!



Loving the New England inspired Danbury house, shutters and all.




Be sure to head over to Pottery Barn Kids, there are some great deals on dolls your little girl will love playing with, stunning dollhouses and accessories.




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