Working In The Lab – Not Your Typical Day Job

Working In The Lab – Not Your Typical Day Job

If you like working in the medical environment but without all of the heavy responsibilities of a doctor, then you might enjoy being a medical laboratory technician. This is someone who works in the lab of either a hospital or doctor’s office and processes all of the samples that are gathered. It’s an interesting job as you never know what you will see on a daily basis. There are some requirements related to medical laboratory technician classes, and there are some options for those who are limited on how much time they have to put toward the degree.

You should start thinking about the career in high school. Take as many science classes as possible, including biology and chemistry. Math is another subject that you want to take. Try to get into the advanced classes as these will give you the detailed problem solving skills that you will need. If the high school offers any health classes, then these would be good to take as electives, especially if there are any programs where you can get your CNA license while you are in high school.

Most community colleges offer some kind of lab technician training. However, if you want to move up the career ladder as fast as possible, it’s a good idea to get a four-year degree. Some businesses will hire you and train you while on the job. A degree isn’t a requirement for the career, but it will help you earn more money and find better jobs. While you are in college, you will take more science classes like microbiology and a more in depth chemistry course. Some of these classes will prepare you by discussing the tissues and anatomy of cells as well as various parasites and viruses as part of your job will be to look at samples for illnesses. After you are done with the basic courses for the program, you will start to delve deeper into the world of a lab technician. You will practice looking at samples of blood and other fluids. Some type of clinical training will likely be done near the end of your schooling so that you have experience.


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