Tech Expert Mario Armstrong’s Ultimate Tech Gadgets and Tablets for The Holiday Season – Interview Candace Rose

Are you searching for that perfect tech gift for the college student, entrepreneur, gamer, photography lover or techie in your life? If so, you’re in luck! Tech expert and Today show contributor, Mario Armstrong was kind enough to join me for another great interview, this time to chat about the ultimate technology gadgets and must have tablets everyone on your list needs for Christmas and the holiday season!


RE Camera, Nooks, Lenovo Yoga 2, Nintendo Tech expert Mario Armstrong joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on the the ultimate tech gadgets and tablets this holiday season!

Tech expert Mario Armstrong joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on the the ultimate tech gadgets and tablets this holiday season!



Candace Rose: Do you have any gift ideas for something unique but practical?

Mario Armstrong: “Yes, I do. This is something that you don’t think about right away and I like it because it’s unique and is going to be useful for a lot of people, it’s Fujitsu’s Scansnap ix100 mobile scanner. This mobile scanner is the world’s lightest and it’s the fastest in terms of scanning. It’s going to be great for all types of different people whether you’re running your own business or you’re an entrepreneur and you need to keep track or your expenses, or maybe you keep track of the household budget and you have to worry about taxes and you have to scan receipts for that. You can also do things like scan certificates that maybe the kids get or maybe in the case of some of those photos that you still have in print, you might want to scan those and make that a digital memory so you can keep that for future generations. That’s a really useful idea, it has a lithium-ion battery, it can also scan wirelessly as well to all of your devices, which is really cool.”


Candace Rose: I hear Nintendo has something new! What can you tell us?

Mario Armstrong: “They’re always innovating and so they’ve come out with the Nintendo Amiibo. Amiibo are your favorite Nintendo characters, but in physical form. These little guys actually connect with the Wii U GamePad controller. Once you tap that and connect it with the system, they become interactive within the game. You can take care of them, you can customize them, you can train them and your friends can bring their Amiibos over, you can battle against each other’s Amiibos. It’s a lot of fun and different way of gaming than has been done before with Nintendo.”


Candace Rose: What’s happening in the world of Nooks that may appeal to everyone in the family?

Mario Armstrong: “Barnes & Noble – head over to a store, their Nooks and e-Readers are really awesome. I have three here with me today – the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook in a 10 inch size, as well as the seven inch size. I love the form factor of the seven inch size. It gives you everything, access to the Nook store, newspapers, magazines, books, but since they’re a full-fledged tablet, you can also do apps, movies, games and more on these devices.

But if you’re just big into reading and don’t need all that tablet functionality, an e-Reader is for you. I love e-Readers, they last long with their battery life. They can work well in direct sunlight or instead of being under the covers disturbing your partner in the bedroom late at night, you don’t have to worry about that. They work great in the nighttime. This is the Nook GlowLight e-reader (please see video above for details) it’s only $119.”


Candace Rose: With so much to choose from, what would you get for a true techie?

Mario Armstrong: “I have a couple of things. The first one I was thinking of is something wearable for a true techie and something that is really, really cool, I like the Martian Notifier Smartwatch. It’s only $99 throughout the holidays, different colored watch bands so it’s stylish. It also can tell time, it actually has hands that can tell time. What’s really unique is that on the watch face, there’s a little display that can read a scroll of text (please see video above for details). You can get text messages, I can see Caller ID, email, Facebook messages and updates, all types of notifications. It has vibrating patterns for different notifications, which is neat too. It vibrates differently depending on a notification that is coming through.”


Candace Rose: What’s the ultimate choice for entertainment with a tablet?

Mario Armstrong: “I recommend the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro. This is amazing that you can actually have a tablet that has a built-in projector. The built-in projector actually projects up to a 50 inch widescreen. Anywhere you go with this tablet, you basically have a home theater experience with you. It has long battery life, it has a subwoofer in the tablet because the speakers have to sound good if you’re going to project a movie or something from it. It’s got the best sounding speakers that I’ve heard in a tablet in a long time.”


Candace Rose: I hear you’ve got something all new in photography for the holidays! Can you tell us about it?

Mario Armstrong: “Yes! For all of those people that love to shoot pictures and movies, you’re going to want to check out the RE Camera from HTC. It’s totally reimagined (please see the video above for details on this unique camera), you hold it in your hand and the minute you do, that turns it on. If you want to take a picture, you basically hold down with one click with a single press and that will take a high quality photo. If you want to capture video, you hold your finger down longer and that will automatically start recording video. There’s no display screen on this device at all because it synchs up with your mobile phone, so that you can use that screen to see what it sees.”


Candace Rose: Well, thank you so much Mario for the great holiday tech gift ideas! Where can we go for more information?

Mario Armstrong: “Candace, they can head over to our website:”




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