Tech Expert, Katie Linendoll Shares Sprout by HP Sneak Peek, Introduces Us To The New PC, 3D Tech Trends – Interview

The tech world is buzzing about the Sprout by HP personal computer, but not many details about the amazing PC had been released until NOW! Tech expert, Katie Linendoll joined me for an interview recently to introduce us to the one device I’m coveting for the holidays, the Sprout by HP, which won’t officially be released to the public until November 9th! If you’re a techie or looking for a way to make your business more efficient, allow your kids to have more fun, or collaborate with your business partner or family thousands of miles away, you must watch the video below to learn just what Sprout by HP is all about, and why you will also soon be obsessed with this new tech device.



Tech expert Katie Linendoll joined Candace Rose for an interview to discuss the Sprout by HP personal computer. Image courtesy of

Tech expert Katie Linendoll joined Candace Rose for an interview to discuss the Sprout by HP personal computer. Image courtesy of









Candace Rose: What is the Sprout by HP? Can you tell us about it?

Katie Linendoll: “One of the best parts about my job is you get to get sneak peeks sometimes on the coolest technologies out there, and they had to basically lure me away from the unit. It’s one of the coolest technology devices I’ve seen in a very long time, it’s like something you see out of movies.

Sprout by HP is really going to be a game changer in terms of the way we can collaborate and interact with people professionally and personally. Let me dive into the specs and show you everything that comes with the Sprout unit. Obviously you see something you’re familiar with, a very powerful desktop computer running off of Windows 8, intel i7 processor, giving you the speed, power and efficiency you want in a computer system. It also has a terabyte of storage, things that you’re familiar with and the specs that you want.

Also, what’s different about it is it has an illuminator, it has three cameras inside (please see video above for details) a physical object, place it underneath here and within a matter of seconds it actually scans it and brings it into the system. It’s mixing the physical and also the digital world, and what I love is with the illuminator, you also have a touch mat, so now realtime collaboration on a touch mat (it’s kind of your secondary touchscreen device) – think about what this can do in terms of collaboration? For example, I have a designer that I work with back and forth through email files and it’s just very laborious and now you can save time. I can see what’s on his touch mat, he can see what’s on mine, and we can work on the same files together – such quick use of ease and it’s amazing what it can do for small businesses.”



Candace Rose: How will this new technology change how we work, play, create and make?

Katie Linendoll: “I think it’s going to make things a lot simpler. Years ago when I was getting my degree in technology – there’s like five different devices in here, now it’s all in one easy to use unit. Typically, software in the past was so complicated and challenging for someone who wasn’t tech savvy. Sprout makes it easy with the programs, the software and the apps inside here. It’s really user friendly for any kind of audience. I think it’s going to be very exciting to see how this makes things more efficient and ease of use, and time saving too!”


Candace Rose: How does this new technology allow users the freedom to effortlessly and instantaneously create and share ideas?

Katie Linendoll: “I think in terms of interacting with people you work with; for example, if I have a swatch of something I want to show my designer instantly on the fly, obviously I can send it over to them in a matter of seconds; again, that realtime collaboration.

What you’re seeing on the screen too, think about what this can do for families. It’s amazing! We talk about the business audience, but it’s also great for a family audience. If you are 3,000 miles away on a business trip and you want to see your kid and you also want to help them with their homework – put it on that interactive touch mat, work on it together, and also be able to see and chat with them in real time.

Also, I love this for military families. I come from a big military family, and I can tell you how awesome it would be to keep that connectivity going. I think there’s a lot of different audiences that will perk up by this – obviously from the tinkers, to the makers to the families.”


Candace Rose: Are there any other new and efficient ways that Sprout will help families and businesses?

Katie Linendoll: “I love the amount of apps that come and software that comes built right in. One of my friends is a 360 degree photographer who constantly spends a lot of time taking objects and doing a comprehensive scan of them. Now you’ll be able to do this when the software rolls out to get very comprehensive photography, really 3D scans in a matter of minutes, which is awesome.

The apps that are inside here for kids – I have a five year old niece that loves the Crayola Studio app, she can now have this and use it on the interactive touch mat. How cool that she can actually see her project, have an interactive coloring page, and now her finger becomes a marker, a crayon or a pencil. It’s very neat for kids and hands on. Even for Martha Stewart apps to the 3D Software technologies. There’s a little something for everybody.”


The Sprout by HP personal computer will change the way we collaborate on projects and how kids work on assignments and projects!

The Sprout by HP personal computer will change the way we collaborate on projects and how kids work on assignments and projects!

Candace Rose: How can this device make creating simpler for parents?

Katie Linendoll: “I think again, just interacting with them in real time. I think now that opportunity to work with them, and touch and feel the project they’re working on. If each individual has a Sprout interactive mat, they can actually see what that child is doing. I think it’s very cool in terms of being there in a more comprehensive way using Sprout technology.”


Candace Rose: How does Sprout change the way we interact with software?

Katie Linendoll: “Years ago, software was typically piece mailed, it was tens of thousands of dollars here and there and it was very complicated. We think about CAD software and being able to create new products or create new projects, it can be convoluted and you have to be very tech savvy to be able to use it.

Now, what’s going to be awesome is you can actually do that right from Sprout and what HP’s new initiative and what they announced and was covered everywhere from USA Today to CNET, what they’re actually working on is more efficient and more consumer friendly 3D printers. Imagine being able to create a project here and then instantly send it to a 3D printer, whether that’s jewelry or figurines or little miniature things that you’re creating, little objects, you can actually have that within an hour. Personalizing objects in 3D printing will be the next phase for Sprout, and I think that’s something that’s very exciting to look forward to, and making 3D printing a lot more accessible for the average user.”


Candace Rose: Who is Sprout targeted for?

Katie Linendoll: “Everyone. It works for kids, it works for parents and it also works for small businesses. I think each person to, it’s kind of like when the tablet came out, everyone had their own use for it. For me, personally, it’s collaboration with my team – collaboration with my graphic designer and programmer too. I develop a lot of apps, so it’s going to be fun to see the graphic design in real time, and be able to save time without having to send files back and forth and show them what little tweaks that I want made. I think it covers a broad range.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information about Sprout by HP?

Katie Linendoll: “Head on over to This is a little bit of a sneak peek because it’ll be out November 9th at Best Buy, and Microsoft stores. It is available for preorder right now.”


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