Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert Shares Top 2015 Food and Grocery Trends for Millennials, Generation Z and Over 65!

The grocery business has changed immensely over the years, especially in the last few. We’re becoming more aware of what we eat, whether it’s gluten free bread, whole grains and the latest trend, fermented food. In recent years same day grocery delivery has gained popularity in cities across the country, but unfortunately those of us in rural areas have had to suffer without it. Well, according to Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert, that is all changing in 2015! Phil was kind enough to join me for an interview recently to dish on the top food and grocery trends for Generation Z, Millennials and those over 65, how those of us in rural areas will get to enjoy same day grocery delivery, why fermented food is gaining popularity, technology trends and more!


Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert joined Candace Rose of to dish on the top food and grocery trends for Generation Z, Millennials, and those over 65, rural area same day grocery delivery, city grocery delivery fermented food, ready set eat, recipe

Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert joined Candace Rose of to dish on the top food and grocery trends for Generation Z, Millennials, and those over 65.





Candace Rose: It’s hard to believe that 2015 is less than two months away. What are some of the new food trends that we’ll be seeing in the new year?

Phil Lempert: “Well, I look very closely with ConAgra Foods every year to find out not only what the trends are and to share them with consumers, but also to let supermarkets know so that they are ready.

The number one trend: It’s all about the golden grazers. These are people over 65 who have discovered through research that eating more multiple meals or snacks throughout the day that are more nutritious, actually increases their quality of life and increases their life expectancy. We’re seeing more of that. We’re seeing them read labels, going to 100% whole grains, for example, Orville Redenbacher or looking for foods or snacks that are richer in protein like David Almonds and David Sunflower Seeds and eating them out of the bag or even sprinkling them on salads or grilling fish with them.

Number two is we’re seeing more same day delivery, whether it’s AmazonFresh, whether it’s Peapod, whether it’s Instacart, we’re seeing more opportunity for people to acquire food instantly, same day delivery.

And then, going on websites like, picking recipes based on the amount of prep time, the amount of cook time, also, what’s on sale – typing in their zip code and being able to see what ingredients are on sale, then exporting that to the Prep Pad, which is a device that’s a scanner and a scale built in and as you take that recipe and for example you have Hunt’s Roasted Tomatoes as an ingredient, you just scan the barcode and then the scale measures how much is in there and based on a nutritional profile that you’ve previously entered, it tells you whether or not that recipe needs to be adjusted to be healthy.

We’re seeing everything from golden grazers to new technologies to being able to have Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers delivered to your desk in an hour with any of these services, so 2015 is going to be very exciting.”


Candace Rose: Same day delivery is gaining popularity in cities across the country. Will this service ever expand to rural areas?

Phil Lempert: “Absolutely. There’s no question about it, everybody whether they live in a city or they live in a rural area are time pressed, and while we love going to the supermarket, we might only want to go to the supermarket once a week and have all of these ingredients delivered for us. For example, again, you have a recipe you go online, you get all the ingredients for your recipe, you type in the number of people and then the supermarket is going to deliver all those ingredients for you in a bag at your home at 5:30, and you’re ready to cook.”


Candace Rose: Millenials have always been passionate about food, but I hear that Gen Z brings an entire new set of food values to the table. Can you tell us about that? 

Phil Lempert: “Yes, they are. Millennials wake up in the morning and they never want to eat the same food twice in their lifetime. Generation Z are going back to basics the way their grandparents ate. Fresh chicken is at the top of their list, followed by Hebrew National hotdogs, followed by omelettes for breakfast, but for lunch or dinner and they’re making it with Egg Beaters and adding their own spices. Generation Z is going to be a very interesting generation for us to watch.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Phil Lempert: “The next big trend that we’re seeing – it’s all about fermented food. Gluten free has been on the rise and it made people more aware of intestinal health. Now it moves to a bigger situation. Fermented foods like sauerkraut, pickles and kimchi can actually reduce our risk for type 2 diabetes, increase our immunity, so that’s going to be a big trend that we see this year.

Also, we learned a lot from Craft Food, and craft foods being created by real chefs like Chef Alex with Alexia frozen potatoes.

Also, our urge for authenticity and credibility – Marie Callender’s for example sharing the fact that all of their berries come from North America and from Oregon. When we take a look at the trends this year, it’s about taste, it’s about convenience and it’s about authenticity.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Phil Lempert: “It’s easy, for all of these trends and constant updates, just go to”


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