How To Spruce Up Your Home for Winter with Danny Lipford and Chelsea Lipford Wolf of Today’s Homeowner

Winter is nearly officially upon us, and one thing that’s on everyone’s mind is how to stay comfortable in our home during this cold chilly season. Earlier this week Today’s Homeowner’s Danny Lipford and his daughter Chelsea Lipford Wolf joined me for an interview to not only dish on how we can be comfortable in our home this winter, but the most popular indoor projects, tips for taking on do it yourself projects¬†with ease and must have DIY projects you should complete¬†before your holiday guests arrive this week for Thanksgiving and beyond!


Today's Homeowner's Danny Lipford and his daughter Chelsea Lipford Wolf joined Candace Rose for an interview to discuss how we can spruce up our home for winter!

Today’s Homeowner’s Danny Lipford and his daughter Chelsea Lipford Wolf joined Candace Rose for an interview to discuss how we can spruce up our home for winter!

Candace Rose: One thing that’s on everyone’s mind is how to be comfortable in our home this winter. How can we do it without it costing a ton on our power bill?

Danny Lipford: “Well, there’s a lot things that you can do yourself. There’s some you need to leave to the professionals, but here’s a great winter heating tip from our friends at Carrier. First of all have that furnace serviced by a professional to make sure it’s safe and operating as efficiently as it should.

Also, it’s not too late to seal up the envelope of the home with caulking and weatherstripping, any gaskets that you can seal up the envelope so you can keep the cold air from effecting the expensive heated air you have in your home.

Change your furnace filters on a regular basis to keep that indoor air quality like it should be. You really want to step up the whole house ventilation system is a great way to go. Carrier has a great one there too called the Infinity System. You want to make sure you think about your system – if your heating and cooling system is over 12 years old, you need to start budgeting for a brand new one because it’s reached the end of its life expectancy and the newer systems are so much more efficient than the older ones.”


Candace Rose: What are some of the most popular indoor projects?

Danny Lipford: “I’ll tell you a term I’ve been hearing more than ever before – drop zone. That’s an area right inside your main entry door into your house. It’s kind of an organizational system that will allow you to have the kids take off their shoes, backpacks, that kind of thing.

My daughter Chelsea who works with me on my national television show recently helped these homeowners build an excellent looking drop zone.

Chelsea Lipford: “Candace, if you’re anything like me you’ll want one of these in your house (please see video above for details) – beadboard bench for the kids to sit on. There are two kids that live here, so they use it to take their shoes off after school and it’s perfect, especially when you look at what it looked like before, which was just an empty alcove that was underutilized and certainly uninspired. We got to work, we got the materials cut, we sanded everything and primed it and then brought them back inside, started the assembly. I love the results and certainly think it’s utilized more than it was before.

We put everything together with tools that the homeowner had on hand from Black & Decker including a cool Matrix System where you can take the drill head off and snap in any of these other tool attachments including a sander, a circular saw. They also have full size power tools like this jigsaw and circular saw that we also used. My favorite is really cool, it takes the thought process out of drilling in a screw with auto sense. It stops a screw when it’s flushed so you don’t put it in too far and strip your wood and cause it to split.”


Candace Rose: What are some of the best tricks to get organized around the house?

Danny Lipford: “Well, one of the best places that you can grab some space that’s rarely utilized is up in the attic. Chelsea and I also use the Black & Decker tools to build these really nice shelves that are attached to the rafters and get everything off the floor. The problem is still you’re having to carry those heavy boxes up and down the stairs and that can be really dangerous, really inconvenient, but we solved that problem by installing something called a Versalift. It’s so cool how it just comes right out of the ceiling – so about two foot by four foot, it’s very much like a dumbwaiter or an elevator, but you never want any kids or family members to get on the Versalift.

It makes so much sense to have someone in the attic load it up for you. You push a button and it comes right down and you’re able to access everything. After the holidays are over or after you’re ready to store things, you push the button again and it goes right back up into the attic to be offloaded onto some of the shelving. It really utilizes a lot of the space there. In the past where you’ve had a pretty inconvenient and unsafe situation in hauling those boxes up and down, now you have a situation that can make it much safer. Just think about all that space you have available just waiting on you right up above you.”


Candace Rose: Are there some simple things we can to spruce up the house before the holiday gatherings?

Danny Lipford: “So many people will be coming over to your house and they’re going to go through the front door, you might as well spruce it up a little bit. Put a coat of paint on the front door, and another thing that a lot of people are realizing is you can use specially formulated paint to paint light fixtures whether they’re plastic or metal. It just takes a little bit of time to remove them or you can paint them in place. You can them tape them all up where the glass is, sand it, spray paint it and make it look just so much better. A new welcome mat is always a good idea and then maybe a little bit of thorough cleaning, painting handrails – anything you can do to spruce up that front of the house to make it more welcoming to your guests is a good thing to take on this time of year.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information and get more holiday ideas?

Danny Lipford: “I’d love for you to drop by our website at, there’s a lot of information for you there and 3,000 videos waiting on you to help you with some of the challenges we all face with our homes and being a homeowner.”


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