How Texting Is Helping Patients Stay Healthy and Helping Physicians Provide Better Care


Landlines are starting to become a thing of the past. Believe it or not but 39% of U.S. households are wireless only. For many, the reason is one bill is easier than two, and it’s easier for friends and family to reach an individual over their wireless phone via text or by calling them.

While cell phone use has increased over the years (there are actually more cell phones now than there are people), the amount of individuals texting has increased dramatically over the last decade. We aren’t just talking about teenagers or young adults, but Generation X and Baby Boomers are now texting more than ever too. Many wireless providers across the country are offering unlimited texting plans due to its rising popularity.

Texting is the way of the future and more and more companies are texting their consumers too. In fact, since statistics show that more people are more likely to check their phone for a text than an email, providers are texting patients about proper preventative care, and patients are able to reschedule appointments via text as well.

What are your thoughts on texting? Do you prefer it to a phone call or email? Please check out the beneficial infographic below for more information!



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