Fashion: 16 Must Have Trendy Umbrellas For A Rainy Fall or Winter Day!



For those of us who lived through one of the worst droughts California has ever seen, the rain storm we experienced in Northern California yesterday was a welcomed sight. In fact, the rain didn’t stop San Francisco Giants fans from celebrating the Giants third World Series win in five years at the Ticker Parade and ceremony at Civic Center Plaza. As much as I would have liked to have been there, it was kind of nice watching the parade from the comfort of my own home with the heater on!!!

Watching the parade really got me thinking about rain, raincoats and of course umbrellas! It’s been years since I’ve bought an umbrella and frankly, I’m in dire need. For the last few years we really didn’t need one, but from the looks of it, we’ll need to put our shorts and sandals away for quite a while as it’s finally the rainy, fall season! If you’re on the hunt for a fashion forward trendy umbrella, you’re in luck! I’ve scoured the net and found quite a few fun umbrellas you’ll get a lot of use out of no matter where you live!


Tartan is always on trend!




Love Burberry, especially this chic umbrella!



If you love basics, you can’t pass up the ShedRain umbrella! It comes in a variety of colors, I especially love this raspberry pink umbrella!!!




Black Alexander McQueen Skull Umbrella:










We all love Hunter Wellie boots, but who knew they have a fab line of umbrellas too? Love this dark turquoise umbrella, and their chartreuse one as well!




Fun black and white striped umbrella!























This post would not be complete without this must have San Francisco Giants umbrella to show off your 2014 World Series Champions pride and fight the rain in the city by the bay!





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