7 Holiday Toys for Kids That Inspire, Educate and Entertain with Toy Expert, Meredith Sinclair

The holiday season is upon us, and if you’re on the hunt for the perfect educational gift for kids that inspires and entertains, you’re in luck! Toy expert/commentator Meredith Sinclair joined me for an interview yesterday to share her top seven holiday toys for kids this holiday season that will both educate and entertain.


Toy expert/commentator Meredith Sinclair joined Candace Rose for an interview to discuss the top seven holiday toys for kids that will educate, inspire and entertain! Candace Rose Anderson CandieAnderson.com

Toy expert/commentator Meredith Sinclair joined Candace Rose for an interview to discuss the top seven holiday toys for kids that will educate, inspire and entertain!




Candace Rose: What’s new for kids and the entire family this holiday season?

Meredith Sinclair: “Well, we’re going to start with one of my favorites, it’s by LEGO, the tried and true brand that we all love. This is the LEGO Creator Santa’s Workshop. It’s the fifth set in their annual winter village series, which is always fun. What I love about this is it comes with lots of charming details like Santa, Mrs. Claus and their cookie tray, and the elves, reindeer and the sleigh – even Christmas lights. Again, what I love about something like this is kids and parents can build it together and then play together. It brings everybody together and grownups love LEGOs too.”


Candace Rose: Do you have anything special for pet lovers?

Meredith Sinclair: “I do. Kids love pets, but if you don’t have one of your own, then your kids can jump into these pet simulation games, they’re by Ubisoft – Petz Beach and Petz Countryside. They’re all for Nintendo 3DS. You can explore different locales, you can take your pets on adventures, you can take care of all different kinds of dogs and you can even interact with other Petz users. It’s something you can do with your kids or for feel good about them doing on their own.”


Candace Rose: What gift is your favorite pick for kids who want to be creative and artistic?

Meredith Sinclair: “Well, a lot of kids know about the trend of skinning where you take an object and you put a brand new skin on it. The Graphic Skinz Design Studio does just that and it’s really fun. You take an object, put a new skin on it, wrap it in a damp sponge that comes with the kit, stick it in the super suction vacuum changer, and in 20 seconds out pops a whole new item with a brand new skin on it. You really get to see it transform. Grownups and kids are really digging this.”


Candace Rose: Is there a super convenient new way to shop for toys this year?

Meredith Sinclair: “There is. For all those busy parents out there that don’t want to battle the stores, you need to go to Amazon.com’s 2014 Toy List. They’ve done it all for you – games, books, toys! You can even filter your search by gender or price range, and there’s free shipping. It’s sort of a win-win, you just go to Amazon.com/HolidayList and you can do all of your shopping from the comfort of your own home which is great!”


Candace Rose: What’s new in tablets that will make both kids and parents really happy?

Meredith Sinclair: “Kids want tablets and parents are a little afraid of what happens if they drop them or break them because they can be expensive. Amazon’s Fire HD6 Kids Edition has solved that. It has all the bells and whistles and all the fun stuff of your tablet, but it comes with a two year worry-free guarantee, so if something happens to it, it breaks…you can send it back and they will replace it with no questions asked. It also comes with a really cool protective case, so it’s really a win-win. If you want to buy your child a tablet, this is the one to get.”




Candace Rose: How can make kids feel great about themselves with a holiday gift?

Meredith Sinclair: “I’m a big proponent of open-ended creative play, and lots of kids love to dress up like superheroes, so I am really loving these Superflykids.com customized superheroes costumes (please see video above for details). You get capes, tutus, all different kinds of accessories, and they’re all made in the USA. Right now your viewers with the promo code: MEDIA can get 50% off of all of these costumes. It’s really a fun way for your kids to play open-ended and they can be superheroes all year long.”


Candace Rose: Thank you for the great holiday gift ideas, Meredith! Where can we go for more information?

Meredith Sinclair: “All you have to do is go to ThunkNews.com/Kids and we’ll have all the information on everything here.”




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