Women’s Health Contributor Dr. Keri Peterson Shares Winter Health and Wellness Tips in Interview with Candace Rose

It’s hard to believe that winter will be here before we know it in Northern California. The weather has been in the low 70s all week, and we’re due to receive quite a bit of rain on Saturday and Sunday. Fall is finally hitting us, and it’s time to start preparing for winter wellness! Renowned physician and “Women’s Health” magazine columnist Dr. Keri Peterson joined me for an interview this morning to share her top health and wellness tips for winter!


Renowned NYC physician and "Women's Health" contributor, Dr. Keri Peterson joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish health and wellness tips just in time for winter and holiday parties!  candieanderson.com

Renowned NYC physician and “Women’s Health” contributor, Dr. Keri Peterson joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish health and wellness tips just in time for winter and holiday parties!





Candace Rose: With winter nearly upon us, how can we stay well and where do we start?

Dr. Keri Peterson: “The best place to start is by washing your hands regularly, and also be sure not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth because that’s how we spread germs to ourselves and contaminate ourselves. You want to get a flu shot, and also keep in mind, exercise regularly when it’s cold out.”


Candace Rose: How can we manage our weight?

Dr. Keri Peterson: “Well, one of the things that can happen in the winter is the pounds can creep on with all the holiday parties, so to try to have healthy weight management, I do recommend incorporating protein shakes into your diet to curb your appetite. Pure Encapsulations makes PureLean protein blend. The reason I like this one is that it’s hypoallergenic, it’s non dairy and non soy and vegetarian. It’s great for people that have food sensitivities and for allergies. There’s not that many out there.

One great tip I have is before going to a holiday party, have a protein shake to avoid overindulging. It comes in vanilla and chocolate, just mix it with a beverage. It’s quick, it’s healthy and it’s an alternative to the unhealthy foods you can get at parties.”


Candace Rose: How can we fight dry skin during the winter months?

Dr. Keri Peterson: “During the winter your skin can get very dry and very itchy. Some people may lean towards getting a steroid cream, like a hydrocortisone, but what they may not realize is it may have side effects like skin thinning, so I do recommend steroid-free options instead, one is called TriCalm. It’s gel and it’s actually five times more effective than hydrocortisone one percent in relieving itch, so it’s a better option.”


Candace Rose: How can we keep the germs at bay?

Dr. Keri Peterson: “To keep germs at bay I recommend keeping Wet Ones antibacterial hand wipes. These will kill 99.99% of germs, plus they’re hypoallergenic and they’re enriched with aloe so they’re not as drying as a hand sanitizer, and they’ll wipe away germs, dirt and grime; rather than the hand sanitizer that would just sit there.”


Candace Rose: If we do happen to get a cold, how can we find some relief?

Dr. Keri Peterson: “To shorten the duration for a cold, you can try Cold-Eeze Cold Remedy Plus Relief Cold and Flu QuickMelts. These are formulated with zinc gluconate and they shorten the duration of your cold, plus they contain elderberry, peppermint and licorice which can relieve cold and flu symptoms.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Dr. Keri Peterson: “Well, you can get more information at VideoPump.tv.”


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