Pets: Adorable Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Small Dogs and Large Dogs


Yorkshire terrier. Candace Rose Anderson,, My little Yorkie, Francesca in her cow costume on Halloween! Image copyrighted Candace Rose Anderson all rights reserved.

My little Yorkie, Francesca in her cow costume on Halloween! Image copyrighted Candace Rose Anderson all rights reserved.


I don’t typically dress up for Halloween, but I love to dress my dog up for the holiday! Two years ago when the Giants won the World Series, my little Yorkie dressed up like Buster Posey in her little San Francisco Giants hat (depending on how well we do this year, she’ll be sporting her Giants hat again); and last year she was beyond adorable in a cow costume my mom bought for her! There are so many adorable Halloween costumes for dogs on the market, it’s hard to choose just one, especially one that’s cost effective! If you’re on the hunt for a cute last minute Halloween costume for your dog(s), be sure to scroll down for some fun options from movies, cartoons, food groups and more!


When your mom’s name is Candace/Candy/Candi – a candy costume is a given! 🙂 Love this Tootsie Roll Halloween costume for dogs (especially my Francesca) who weigh between eight and 13 pounds!




How fun is this peacock Halloween costume for small dogs?! LOVE!!!














Hilarious “This lady is a tramp” costume with a leopard print dress, cleavage, fur boots and a wig!





Here’s a cute baby giraffe costume for San Francisco Giants, Brandon Belt fans!



Love the Kentucky Derby? This jockey saddle dog costume is way too cute!!!













Turtle power! How adorable is this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle dog costume? It’s available in other sizes too! So fun.



Dorothy isn’t in Kansas anymore! Check out this Wizard of Oz Dorothy pet costume, it’s perfection!



Love the classics? Check out this Marilyn Monroe starlet costume for your precious pooch!




Halloween costumes for large dogs


Beyond adorable dapper dog costume with a black tuxedo and top hat!







Such a cute police costume for dogs! It includes the uniform, hat, handcuffs and accessories! Believe it or not it’s only $8.50.






Legendary Elvis Presley dog costume for dogs!



Superhero Batman The Dark Knight extra large dog costume!





Here’s a cute batgirl costume for large female dogs!






The Glinda Good Witch dog costume is available in a variety of sizes!




These are just a few of the fun costumes available at! There are so many to choose from, I could spend all day on the site! If you’re on the hunt for a specific dog costume, cat costume or pet costume for Halloween or just for fun this year, I’m sure you’ll find it there.





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