Tech Expert Katie Linendoll Shares Trending Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers, Fitness Fans, Kids, Tech Lovers and More This Holiday Season – Interview

Holiday shopping can be very stressful, especially when shopping for the guy or gal who has everything. You want to buy your loved one a gift they’ll love, but it can be overwhelming, especially when figuring out where to start! Lucky for us, tech expert and Today show contributor, Katie Linendoll has all the answers! Katie joined me for an interview yesterday to dish on the top trending gift ideas for coffee lovers, tech lovers, kids, magazine readers, fitness fans and much more!



Tech expert Katie Linendoll joined Candace Rose to dish on the top trending gift ideas for everyone on your list this holiday season! Image courtesy of

Tech expert, Katie Linendoll joined Candace Rose to dish on the top trending gift ideas for everyone on your list this holiday season! Image courtesy of



Candace Rose: What’s a great gift for someone who is active?

Katie Linendoll: “Popular this holiday season and probably now more than ever are fitness tracking devices. You can probably file this under the easiest to use – this is iFit (please see video above for details). It cuts the price down too, it’s only $129. There are lots of fitness trackers out there, but this tiny little device you wear throughout the day, it’s gonna track your steps, your distance, your calories and sync with your iOS or Android device. Here’s the differentiator, that progress can be tracked right on the device, so instead of having to open up the device every single time, it makes it easy on any kind of consumer whether techy or not to see where their status is throughout the day. There are a number of different color options, you can clip it right to you, you can put the pod in your pocket, but iFit $129, easy to use fitness tracking device.”


Candace Rose: Do you have anything for safety conscious people?

Katie Linendoll: “Absolutely, and a lot of people are leaving for the holidays from their home or their apartment and want to stay connected. What’s so cool being a technologist and seeing it evolve over time. Typically for a home monitoring system, it’s 10s of thousands of dollars, it’s very expensive…now you have an object like simplicam. It’s only $149.99, it’s high tech but three minute simple setup for realtime streaming of your home – from your computer, smartphone or tablet. It actually sets itself apart because it’s the only wifi system with face detection technology. No more panic alerts that a pet moved, when there’s actually not a person inside your home. It’s very cool, a lot happening behind the scenes but only at a price point of under $150 – simplicam, cool little option.”


Candace Rose: What’s good for a coffee lover?

Katie Linendoll: “File me under a coffee obsessed. I’m always looking for a good cup of coffee. This is the Jura F8 TFT. Not many coffeemakers can say that they are award winning. It’s the first compact coffee center made for the digital age with a colorful display – high quality, but also easy programming and simple operations. You can choose from espresso, latte, macchiato or a great cup of luxurious coffee all in the comfort of your own home.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any gift ideas for kids?

Katie Linendoll: “Yes, and I’m obsessed with high tech toys. Time (in 2013) named it as one of the top 25 best inventions, this is Anki Drive (please see video above for details). It’s super cool because it actually brings video games to the real world. It is part toy, part video game. You actually roll out a physical track in your home or your apartment; it comes with two cars. Every car has a built-in computer under the hood and camera under the hood using really A.I. technology. What’s awesome is the more you drive these cars, the smarter they get and the more they evolve. You can control up to four at a time, they’re smart enough to stay on the physical track. Very cool! Kids will not be disappointed with Anki Drive.”


Candace Rose: How about apps?

Katie Linendoll: “There are lots of apps around the holidays. It’s actually cool, Christmas Day is the number one day for downloading apps, so here’s a good one that can be added to the list, or if you’re like me, I actually bought the Next Issue app for my mom in advance for the holiday – it’s great to be able to give somebody a magazine subscription, but why don’t you kick it up a notch and give them an unlimited subscription: 40+ of the most popular magazines including back issues. Love it! This is actually $9.99 a month….again, unlimited. From Health to InStyle to Esquire to ESPN the magazine. You get all that access and you get it right to your tablet, so there’s no more paper, there’s no more clutter. With one subscription you can actually stream up to five devices. The Next Issue app is a no brainer for $9.99 a month.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Katie Linendoll: “You can head over to”


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