Healthy Fall Accessories

As summer gracefully transitions into the lovely season of autumn, you may find yourself to be transitioning not-so-gracefully back into the grind.  Super busy schedules and full workloads can really pull us away from our enjoyment of this beautiful time of year.  Not only that, but our high levels of stress release a hormone called cortisol, which can impact your health negatively in many ways.  It puts us in a state that makes us vulnerable to illness, and helps us to gain weight.  Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to help keep your health in check this season, especially as the temperatures continue to wind down.  These helpful accessories will assist you in reducing some of that stress load and prepare you for the winter months ahead.

It can be easy to get caught up in that “To Do” list, and push sleep, exercise, and diet towards the bottom of your priorities.  But taking care of your physical body is essential for optimal mental and emotional health.  The FitBit is a great accessory to help keep you on track with your health.  This handy little device tracks your steps taken, distance, and calories burned, as well as your sleep activity.  The FitBit mobile app allows you to track your food, and you can sync your weight loss or fitness goals to track your progress.  This wristband is sleek and discreet, and comes in a variety of colors.  There is even a Tory Burch wristband/bracelet.

One commonly overlooked health concern is the health of our feet.  Perhaps you have never given much thought to your foot health, or maybe you have learned to live with the chronic soreness and pain that comes from wearing those high heels throughout the week.  Our feet are our physiological foundation, and chronic foot pain can stem up into other areas of the body.  But taking better care of your feet does not mean you have to settle for Granny sneakers!  There many fashionable options that provide the support you need.  You can shop for orthopedic footwear in a variety of styles – from loafers to flats to wedges and even high heels.  Another option is to purchase orthotic insoles to add some extra cushioning and support to your favorite pair of shoes.

Bagged lunches are back in style now with Sachi insulated lunch bags.  These bags come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and patterns, so you have no excuse not to pack your own lunch!  This gives you the option of making healthy meals at home and keeping them fresh when you bring them to work.  This is a great way prevent poor food choices during your lunch break, and is always a great way to save money!

Our bodies are made up of 73% water.  Knowing this, we can conclude that it’s essential to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially since one of the biggest causes of headaches is dehydration.  Stay hydrated in style with a fashionable reusable water bottle.  The canteen style bottles are sleek and come in all sorts of colors and patterns.  You can get a filtration water bottle, or a colorful bottle that has a space to add fruit to jazz up plain water with some sweetness.  Carrying something reusable and fashionable will help you to meet that goal of a gallon a day for optimal health on a cellular level.

By making small, healthier changes this fall, you will see how you can reap the rewards in several areas of your life – higher energy levels and a greater sense of well-being included.


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