LeBootCamp Founder Valerie Orsoni Shares Healthy Eating and Fitness Tips For Good!

During the new year we make a resolution to eat better and work out, but for many of us we set our goals so high, we have a hard time keeping them. Once spring comes along we promise to work out and limit our favorite foods in the hopes of looking great for the summer season and putting on our favorite bikini. With September officially upon us, many of us have set yet another goal and that is to look great for the holidays, especially holiday parties and getting together with relatives we haven’t seen in some time. Unfortunately we all know what a challenge the holidays can be since we tend to eat more decadent food and snacks we wouldn’t normally eat! If eating healthier and getting in shape for good is something you’re looking to achieve, you’re in luck.

LeBootCamp founder Valerie Orsoni battled weight loss for many years, and is now coaching others on how they can achieve and maintain a healthy weight for good! She was kind enough to join me for an interview recently to discuss clean eating, how to get in shape, whether or not she believes in cheat days, how stress plays a role in weight gain, how to start a workout routine you can stick with, and much more!!!


LeBootCamp founder Valerie Orsoni joined Candace Rose for an interview to share her favorite tips for getting healthy and fit for good!

LeBootCamp founder Valerie Orsoni joined Candace Rose for an interview to share her favorite tips for getting healthy and fit for good!


Candace Rose: There are so many different diets at the moment, with one of the most popular being the paleo diet. Do we have to sacrifice our favorite foods to lose weight and get in shape?

Valerie Orsoni: “Structured dieting starting at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then hundreds of dieting books have been published every single year! Those diets follow cycles: Sometimes, fed up with restrictions and better informed, dieters will go for natural approaches and safe eating (like mine with LeBootCamp), and sometimes, based on some crazy celeb weight loss story, there will be a frenzy for some dangerous, unbalanced or simply not sustainable diets. The Paleo diet if well balanced (it is not a meat only diet!) might be ok and is popular simply because to the average person it seems an easy one: meat, veggies, meat, veggies, fish, veggies, no carbs. However, you can say “bye-bye” to your chocolate, cookies and anything sweet in your life. I have proven over and over that one can still enjoy some comfort foods and satisfy one’s sweet tooth while still staying in shape. So yes it is possible and we should not have to sacrifice our favorite food to have a hot bod!”

Candace Rose: What’s your take on clean eating?
Valerie Orsoni: “Clean eating has become a popular hashtag on Instagram and in general means eating unrefined foods, homemade or with minimal processing. Clean eating bans artificial preservatives, colorings and flavor enhancers. LeBootCamp is 85% clean eating and 15% not-so-clean but oh! so fun eating.”

Candace Rose: How does stress play a role in weight gain and how 
can stress management play a role in weight loss?
Valerie Orsoni: “Numerous studies have shown how stress does have an adverse impact on our weight by influencing our cortisol levels (which, when increased, lead to fat storage around the abdominal area). Stress usually also leads to shorter nights, sleep that’s not restful and reduced stamina. In turn these symptoms imply to less energy to exercise, tone our body and eat well. Furthermore, when we don’t get enough sleep we impact the levels of 2 hormones regulating our appetite, one increasing it and one reducing it, lepton and ghrelin. That’s why when you have short nights you wake up ravenous!”

Candace Rose: What’s the secret to starting a daily workout routine we 
can stick with?
Valerie Orsoni: “My secret is to start my day with at least 10 min when really really pressed by time but ideally 30 min of yoga to stretch and unwind my body before starting the day. This does not burn a lot of calories but by focusing on the coming day, by allowing my body to fully wake up and removing existing tensions I am setting up myself for fitness success for the day to come. I also make sure I get 30 min of walking at average pace on an empty stomach (before breakfast, lunch or dinner). Empty of food but not of fluids, so drink your freshly squeezed lemon with room temperature water, your sobacha and your green tea before heading out.”

Candace Rose: How 
can beginners avoid injury when working out? 
Valerie Orsoni: “2 words: warm-up and progression. Too often beginners jump into physical activity without warming up and end up injuring their joints and muscles. So for each fitness activity make sure you warm up (soft jog, fast walk) for at least 10 min and stretch after working out for 20% of the time you spent exercising. I know it seems long but this sane approach will keep your body healthy. Progressing at a healthy pace will also make a difference. If you have never swum more than 4 laps don’t go for a 2 mile lap swim right away. Establish a progressive plan of action to let your muscle tone build up and will help prevent injury.”
Candace Rose: Can you tell us about LeBootCamp?
Valerie Orsoni: “I created LeBootCamp to help women like me around the world achieve their dream body without having to deprive themselves. I used to be overweight myself and had tried exactly 42 diets before calling it quits and learning about nutrition, fitness, physiology and more. From these years of experimenting on myself and with the help of a scientific committee I have created a healthy living diet coaching program that helps boot.campers re-balance their diet and get active easily. For 50 cents a day members get unlimited access to all content and personal supports from registered dietitians, trainers and coaches. Based on 4 proven pillars: Yummy nutrition, easy fitness, motivation, sleep & stress management.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?
Valerie Orsoni: “Avoid: cheat days (the concept implies your are a kid), shunning entire food groups from your diet, jumping on the “last-celeb-diet” band wagon.
Do: learn about food groups, educate yourself about the latest medical studies when it comes to nutrition and fitness, follow a LeBootCamp type diet, low in dairy and meat and high in veggies, fruits, seeds, grains and seafood. And…..start drinking sobacha! This is my flagship drink made with roasted buckwheat infused for 5 min. Its high content in rutin, a potent anti-oxidant, supports your cardio-vascular system and its high fiber content will help naturally curb your appetite.” 

Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Valerie Orsoni: “You can go to www.LeBootCamp.com to take your free profile and to myblog.lebootcamp.com to read my blog where I share recipes, trends, testimonials, fitness tips and more and on our brand new Facebook group dedicated to English-speaking bootcampers: http://www.facebook.com/groups/lebootcampdiet/.”



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