The Real Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort Talks Truth Behind His Success Tour and Shares Business Tips for Entrepreneurs with Candace Rose

In 2013, Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed Jordan Belfort in the Academy Award nominated film “The Wolf of Wall Street” based on Jordan’s memoir of the same title. The former stockbroker and motivational speaker has embarked on his Truth Behind His Success speaking tour, and will be making his way through the United States starting next month, with his first stop in South Florida. Jordan was kind enough to join me for an interview recently to discuss his upcoming speaking tour, and to share empowering tips for business owners, entrepreneurs and sales people!

The Real Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort joined Candace Rose to dicuss The Secret to His Success speaking tour, and share business tips for entrepreneurs

The Real Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort joined Candace Rose to dicuss The Secret to His Success speaking tour, and share business tips for entrepreneurs

  Candace Rose: Can you tell us about the Truth Behind His Success Tour? Jordan Belfort: “This is a tour that I’ve been doing around the world. I’ve been to about 15 different countries so far and about 35 or 40 cities, and now I’m coming to the U.S. I’m doing a really massive tour – about 50 or 60 different cities just in the U.S. alone. The great thing about this tour for me is I’m actually giving away all the profits of the U.S. leg of the tour to investors who lost money back in the day. I think most of the viewers have seen the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ or read one of my books (‘The Wolf of Wall Street’; ‘Catching the Wolf of Wall Street’; ‘The Wolf of Wall Street Film Tie-in Sainsbury’). This is a really well known story, but I created a system of influence and persuasion that made all these young kids really, really successful and I lost my ethical way and so on and so forth. It’s been full circle for me, after writing these books and the movie came out I’ve been really traveling the world and really teaching entrepreneurs, business owners, sales people of all types to brokers, agents – you name it. And teaching them not just sales and persuasion, which is really what I’m known for, but also marketing skills offline and online marketing, entrepreneurship skills – how do you start a business, how do you grow a business, how do you raise capital for a business, which was my specialty back in the day. It’s been an amazingly successful tour and I’m excited to come to the United States.”   Candace Rose: What inspired you to embark on this speaking tour? Jordan Belfort: “What happened was originally – if you saw the movie you’ll know that I was always giving these motivational sales training speeches to my brokers. That was really the essence to the success that I had was if you had to point to one thing it was this ability to motivate and especially to train people how to sell, how to close and so forth. When I wrote the books I started getting offers from around the world and in the United States to come speak and that message over the last five or six years has kept growing and getting stronger in terms of finding out what really people want to hear and what are the skills that they’re missing. I’ve been able to use the system that I’ve used in my own life, essentially give that system to other people for influence and for business and for marketing. I’ve taken people from all over the world and really helped them become far more successful and live far more empowered lives than they were living in the past, so I’ve had huge success and I’m excited now to bring that to the United States.”   Candace Rose: What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? Jordan Belfort: “There’s really these eight core distinctions (eight disciplines) that you have to have some reasonable level of mastery over. Some of those distinctions are in the inner game of success – meaning your mindset, your ability to manage emotional state, your belief systems, your vision for the future (if you don’t have one, you’ve got to get one) and how do you learn how to focus on that vision, what are your personal standards for success? Those are all very core elements for someone to have that success mindset and that sets them up to be able to take action in the real world, to be able to make that vision a reality. When you cross over into the real world, then you have things like the rules and the strategies and the skills of being an entrepreneur. How do you learn how to fail elegantly, meaning go into business and be wrong, which is a crucial thing for a young entrepreneur or a seasoned businessperson. How do you test ideas and maximize on the lessons when you’re wrong, but minimize on the failures on the disaster when things aren’t working? That’s a crucial aspect of entrepreneurship. On the flip side of that, how do you succeed wildly when you have something that’s working well small? How do you grow that? How do you add a zero to your income? How do you turn a small business into a big business? That’s a skill based on entrepreneurship. Capital raising. How do you fund your ideas? How do you tap into other peoples money, which is a core skill for business owners and entrepreneurs. How do you learn how to influence and persuade and train others to do the same? So much of success – if there’s one skill that is by far the most important in business and all aspects of life is the ability to communicate, to influence, to persuade, to negotiate and that’s what I’m known for probably best around the world. Along with that is marketing. How do you bring the right people into your sales funnel, both online marketing which today really is the biggest thing. How do you use Google, Facebook, social media? How do you integrate all those into one cohesive online marketing strategy that reaches the right people, your niche, so to speak in a cost effective way and bring them into your sales funnel? And that’s online marketing as well. Lastly, what do you do when you’ve made your money? How do you create multiple streams of income with real estate? How do you invest safely in the stock market and all these other ways that people make passive income? What I teach is a cohesive system that anyone can use to achieve massive success and it’s really, really powerful and very effective.”   Candace Rose: Do you have any advice for those who are selling a service and not a product? Jordan Belfort: “Again, your service is a product. There’s really not much difference. I think one of the things that people don’t understand is that when you’re selling a service, the product is a) the service that you’re selling, but it’s also selling yourself as the person either delivering the service or representing those who are delivering the service. It’s not that there’s that much different between selling a service or a product. They’re both tangible in the sense that there’s something that’s actually being delivered to the customer that’s either redissolving a paying point/filling a need. More important than the distinction between the two is what are the elements in half the lineup in any sale whether it’s tangible, intangible, service oriented/product oriented? There are a finite number of things that need to line up when you line those core elements up, you get to this really high level of closing where you can get people very certain about those things to the point where the certainty that they feel is far more powerful than any reservations they may have, limiting beliefs that they might have about buying, any holdbacks. One of the things that we do and what I teach people, the system I created called the Straight Line is really an end to end system for influence and persuasion that allows you to take any person that is on the fence, so to speak. Maybe they like your product, maybe they don’t or they’re not sure enough yet or have other questions or reservations – how do you take those people and without pressure elegantly move them to a place where they’re so certain about all the things that they need to be certain about, that it overwhelms any reservations that they have, and that’s the essence that I teach people how to do.”   Candace Rose: Entrepreneurship can be tough. What advice do you have at times when you feel stuck or burned out? Jordan Belfort: “I think that burn out is mostly a function of not having what’s called your ‘why’. You don’t know why you want to achieve whatever vision it is that you’re seeking. You think it’s about just money or getting ahead, in truth money is not the most powerful motivator out there. I love money and I think everyone should try to make a lot of it and be generous and give back, but typically someone’s why, what their purpose is, is deeper and far more powerful than money. So when people are burned out, it’s usually a mindset situation. It’s not understanding, connecting at the deepest level what your success is about, what’s driving you to succeed. When people feel that, what I really typically have them do is we go through this inner game process of identifying your why, your purpose and so forth. Also, sometimes it can mean changing up the way you’re doing things. Maybe you’re just doing things in a way that they don’t fit in with the way you’re built. Every human being processes the world differently and there’s many ways to skin a cat, so to speak. There are many ways to achieving your visions. Sometimes people go out and they build a business around things that they absolutely hate. For me, I’ve written two books, but I hate writing. I don’t like to write, so when I was going out designing my comeback and I designed it, it was on purpose…it wasn’t by accident. I made a conscious decision to base it on not being a writer. Yes, I can write proficiently, but I’m miserable the whole time; yet I love to speak publicly, so I decided to let me make money monetizing something that’s a passion and something that I’m really, really good at versus something that I might be good at but I hate.  Part of it is really thinking forward and realizing that there are many, many ways to go out and get what you want in life and try to make sure they are reconciled to what you truly love and the way that you are built as a person.”   Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us? Jordan Belfort: “I think that everyone should come out and see me speak. I’m going to be starting in South Florida in mid-September and you can get information for ticket sales at – that’s number one. I think that people should realize no matter where you are in life that many people after the global financial crisis, people have taken a hit. They think it’s hard now to get rich or there’s some stumbling block or roadblock, and I have to say that getting rich is not that difficult. It really isn’t once you know the strategies to success. It requires a lot of hard work, I’m not going to deny that. I always work hard…but it also requires smart work and having a strategy and vision for your future. The idea here at the end of day is really being able to reconcile this inner game of success, your mindset with the outer game of success. The real world strategies that you need to take your vision and turn it into a reality, so my goal for these talks here is to really be sharing as much as I can about that system in a very short period of time and to give people real solid takeaways that they can use immediately the next day in their business, in their lives to feel more empowered, to make more money and to go about getting what they want in life.”


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