Tech Expert Andrea Smith Shares Top 5 Back To School Tech Gadgets for Students of All Ages!

Young kids tend to emulate everything their big sister, brother and parents do! If they see mom or dad with a fun new tech gadget, they want one too. Well, lucky for them and their parents too!) tech expert Andrea Smith was kind enough to join me for an interview today to dish on the must have tech gadgets for toddlers and younger students, as well as high school students and undergrads!


Tech expert Andrea Smith joined Candace Rose to dish on the top tech gadgets for students of all ages. Image courtesy of

Tech expert Andrea Smith joined Candace Rose to dish on the top tech gadgets for students of all ages. Image courtesy of





Candace Rose: What are some new tech trends for toddlers and younger students?

Andrea Smith: “Toddlers and younger students these days are going off to school with tablets. It’s really important to get a good tablet like the Little Scholar tablet from School Zone. School Zone is a leader in educational content. This tablet is an Android tablet but it comes preloaded with over 150 educational apps and even more so all a parent has to do is take it out of the box, turn it on and hand it over to their child and it is ready to go. There’s nothing else to download unless of course, you want to. Its got eight hours of battery life, curriculum spanning pre-K through first grade, so really a way to get your child ready for school and it’s on a back to school special right now for $169.00.

Young kids want to wear wearables and smartwatches just like their parents, so the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch, it comes in great colors, its got a color touchscreen, and kids can play games and use a video camera and a camera and use a stopwatch and a timer. It’s so fun and of course it also tells time so kids can use the touchscreen to scroll through the different watch interfaces. This is great because it’s from VTech, so parents know it’s loaded with educational content and its also got parental controls and parents can go to the Learning Lodge app store, download even more and this is $60.00.”


Candace Rose: What about tech trends for the high school or college student?

Andrea Smith: “All the kids now want a tablet to take to school along with the laptop, and that can get a bit pricey, though they really do need that tablet mobility. The new trend is the Intel 2 in 1 device like the Dell Inspiron 11 3000. This gives you the best of both worlds because its got this innovative flip and fold design. It goes right from a laptop to a tablet. Its also got Windows 8.1, so its got the touchscreen in both modes. Its got an Intel Processor which is the brains of your computer. It makes it super fast, gives you about eight hours of battery life. It’s perfect for a day on campus….and of course the Intel 2 in 1 devices are good values starting at under $400.”


Candace Rose: How can technology help the parent who has a teen driver in college?

Andrea Smith: “Well, we can help you by saying don’t be a helicopter parent, but it’s still okay to worry. There’s this delphi connect, it’s this gadget that plugs into your car’s diagnostic port. Using your phone’s mobile app on the Verizon or U.S. Cellular network you’re going to be able to monitor and track your car in real time. You’re going to be able to get a sense of whether the car needs scheduled maintenance because kids aren’t so good at that and just know that student is safely at school. If your student loses the car in the parking lot, they can use the app to find it and there’s also a geofencing feature if you want to set a predesignated area you’ll get an alert that the car has gone out of that area.”


Candace Rose: What advice do you have for the student buying technology for college?

Andrea Smith: “You’re going to be in Staples strolling the aisles or even the online store, go to the tech section because it is loaded with technology, great deals on back to school laptops right now. You can get this Toshiba Satellite, it’s a full powered Windows PC. Its got an Intel Processor, so it’s a solid performer and its also got everything that today’s student needs from email and spreadsheets from documents to playing games and watching videos. Really good affordable tablets here starting at $399 at Staples.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Andrea Smith: “For more information on everything we talked about here, you can go to”



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