Parenting and Toy Expert Shannon Eis Shares Creative Tips for Making Learning Fun for Kids!

Kids love creative play, whether it’s through building sets, technology or even while eating lunch, being creative is key! The best thing about creative play is it helps kids learn about science and technology, which as all well know are the way of the future. Parenting and toy expert Shannon Eis was kind enough to join me for and interview recently to dish on this year’s top building sets from Lego, the must have tablet for kids and much more!



Parenting and toy expert Shannon Eis joined Candace Rose to discuss how creative play helps kids learn better!

Parenting and toy expert Shannon Eis joined Candace Rose to discuss how creative play helps kids learn better!


Candace Rose: What’s new in building sets?

Shannon Eis: “We’re going to talk about Lego who has been making learning fun for decades! This year they’re introducing the Lego Technic line which is a series for advanced builders ages seven and up because of the complexity of the builds, individual vehicles that can be combined into larger vehicles and where the learning in this is basic exposure to science concepts in robotics and engineering. Not only will they build their creations, they’re going to make them move. Kids love it because they’re building something they can actually play with and parents love it because the exposure to these cool science concepts, they’re going to make a great foundation for learning.”


Candace Rose: What do you like for kids who want their own tablet?

Shannon Eis: “Well, this is the decision parents are making everyday – what’s the right age and right type of technology to introduce to kids? VTech has thought this through and brought us a great introduction, it’s the innoTab 3S Plus. What that means is it’s a value packed learning tablet that comes with an extensive library of content behind it, but more importantly, kid safe wifi and parent approved web search. What this wifi does is it allows parents via their smartphones to connect with the innoTab device to share content back and forth – text message, share drawings and even voicemails. It also lets parents set parameters on how kids can web search. The content library is extensive, lots of characters kids love and lots of different types of creativity they can explore and an age range from three to nine that has a tremendous amount of learning.”


Candace Rose: Is there anything else for creative play?

Shannon Eis: “Yes! It might surprise you a little bit to tell you a game system is going to do a great job of that this year. Sony is introducing for the PS4, across the Playstation platform there’s a game called Hohokum. This is a $14.99 download that is a noncompetitive game for all ages. What that means is it’s a game based on exploration. It’s this beautiful rich mesmerizing world that the kids explore with this kite like character that’s going to take them through 17 different worlds that all open up as you begin the game and you just progress at your own pace. You’re navigated through brilliant musical cues, a really, really nice soundtrack that’s been custom developed for this game, awesome visuals, an iconic imagery that you’ll feel the education while you’re exploring. We like that it’s for all ages and parents can be involved in the play as well.”


Candace Rose: How about something nutritious and fun for kids?

Shannon Eis: “Sure. We know that this is something that parents are struggling with every year. Good2Grow which is a family owned and operated company has introduced a product that is their juice blends. It’s a great way to introduce kids to new flavors and tasty ways between vegetables and fruit blends. They have these great character caps that are all reusable. These SippaTop lids, you can pop them on a refill pack as well, so they get a lot of great value out of that and what teachers love about of this is there’s no sugar added, so they’re not going to be dealing with as much of that sugar rush from kids drinking a lot of sugary drinks. It’s a really good alternative to really give them something healthy, but something good for the teachers and the learning environment as well.

A good place to pack all that is with this mom invented product called Packit. ┬áIt’s for the mom who is looking to pack healthier lunches for her kids that need to keep fresh all day without packing the whole thing in ice. She created these gel lined bags that you toss in the freezer and in the morning you take them out, you pack the lunch, it stays cool for hours. It’s a great alternative for parents looking to really expand that palate of what they’re giving their kids at lunch and the cool fabrics and prints are going to be really popular with kids as well.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Shannon Eis: “Sure! For more information about these products and tips, you can visit us at”


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