Country Music Star Chase Rice Talks Ignite The Night Album, His Headlining Tour and “Cruise”!

Country music star Chase Rice is having a year to remember. He kicked off 2014 by touring with Billy Currington, has been the opening act on Dierks Bentley’s Riser tour this summer, and just released his new album Ignite The Night today, which has already hit number three on the iTunes charts! Chase was kind enough to join me for an interview this morning to talk about his new album Ignite The Night, his influential father (today would have been his birthday), Florida Georgia Line’s hit song “Cruise” which Rice co-wrote, touring with Dierks Bentley, and his headlining tour kicking off next month and much more!


Country music star Chase Rice joined Candace Rose for an interview to discuss his new album Ignite The Night, his influential father, touring with Dierks Bentley, his headlining tour, Florida Georgia Line's "Cruise" and much more! Image courtesy of

Country music star Chase Rice joined Candace Rose for an interview to discuss his new album Ignite The Night, his influential father, touring with Dierks Bentley, his headlining tour, Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” and much more! Image courtesy of






Candace Rose: Congratulations on releasing your new album Ignite The Night. Can you tell us about it?

Chase Rice: “Ignite The Night is a party album. I’ve built my career on a live show, and to do that I want it to have energy. I want it to keep people’s attention for two hours, and that’s difficult to do. Ignite The Night definitely has the songs on it to do that. It can allow me to party for most of the show and then its got some depth to it as well. It’s got ‘Carolina Can’, ‘Jack Daniel’s and Jesus’, ‘Look At My Truck’. Its got those songs on it that tell more of the story of just the party guy and go more in depth of my life.”


Candace Rose: What inspired you to call the album Ignite The Night?

Chase Rice: “It’s one of the lines in one my favorite songs on the album called “We Goin’ Out”. That’s the epitome of one of the party songs on the album. It says ‘We goin’ out, yeah, we ignite the night in this sunburned town’. That was kind of the epitome of this album – ignite the night, we’re going out right tonight kind of feel to it. Hopefully this album is doing just that, igniting the night for people across the country, and kids that are partying and even adults who are partying and want to come to my shows and ignite the night.”


Candace Rose: You wrote most of the songs on your album, where do you find inspiration?

Chase Rice: “Whatever is going on in my life. I want to tell the story of my life in however many songs it takes and for this album (the deluxe) it was 19 songs. I wrote almost every single one of them. Yeah, so whatever is going on in my life – if I’m partying, I’m going to sing about partying; if I’m getting in trucks and going down dirt roads, that’s what I’m going to sing about; if I’m struggling, that’s what I’m going to sing about and that’s what you see in a song like “Jack Daniel’s and Jesus”.  Whatever is going on in my life is going to fall out into a song.”


Candace Rose: Your dad had such a big influence on your life. How did he inspire you musically?

Chase Rice: “He didn’t have any musical talent, whatsoever. Nobody in my family does; I don’t know how this is happening for me. He did give me one of my first guitars and I remember him walking up when I was home from Carolina on break, and he says ‘Dude, you can play guitar all you want, but you’re never going to get the girls unless you start singing.’ I just kind of put it in my head I’ve gotta get the girls, I’ve got to start singing. Hopefully I’m making him proud.”


Candace Rose: You co-wrote Florida Georgia Line’s hit song “Cruise”. Did you have any idea when you guys were writing it that it’d be such a huge hit?

Chase Rice: “We had no idea. Nobody knew who they were, nobody knew who I was, so when they said they were going to cut it, I was a little disappointed. I was hoping Eric Church or somebody big would end up cutting the song. They ended up putting it out as their first single, we had no clue that it was going to do anything. We never thought it’d be heard, but seven million downloads later, it’s been heard! That’s a big one for me.”


Candace Rose: You’ve been touring with Dierks Bentley this summer and your Ignite The Night tour kicks off in September. What are you looking forward to most on your headlining tour?

Chase Rice: “Just that – getting back to headlining and not having any rules of how long I can play. Being on the road with Dierks and all of those guys, they’re real cool and let me do what I want, but it’s their show, it’s all about them which has been fun to watch. Only playing for 30 minutes has been tough for me. I like getting out there and playing a little bit longer and telling more of my story at night through my music. That’s what we’ll be able to do, the story will be endless and we can do whatever we want and there will be no holding back. I promise you it’ll be a show that hopefully no one has ever seen before.”


Candace Rose: I heard that you’re giving an aspiring artist a chance to open for you in September!

Chase Rice: “Yeah, through Snagajob. We’re giving someone the opportunity to submit a video and it’s mainly for people who have regular jobs who are trying to break into the music industry. They can submit a video of one of their original songs and we pick the top five – me and a couple other people, and then it goes to the fans. The top five people get voted on by the fans and that person gets a chance to open for me in Denver, I think it’s September 5th. That’s a way for them to break their way into the music industry.”


Candace Rose: You also partnered with Townsquare Media and Taste of Country to give fans a chance to win a 1986 Chevy Silverado. Can you tell us about that and how fans can enter to win?

Chase Rice: “I’m a big Tim Riggins fan from the show “Friday Night Lights”, so a couple years back I bought a 1985 Chevy Silverado. It’s my favorite truck I’ve ever owned in my life. It’s the first truck I’ve ever fully owned and paid for so we wanted to give someone a shot of winning something like that. I tweet pictures and this truck will hopefully be in every video I ever do. We couldn’t find an 85, but we found an 86 that’s exactly the same. It looks identical to my truck.

They’ve got a shot – they go to Twitter The Boot @TheBootDotCom, and a bunch of websites…it’s all over. The Taste of Country has been huge for me, so I wanted to give them the opportunity to do it exclusively. Go on there, submit your entry to have a shot at winning the truck. You can be driving a Chevy Silverado like me!”


Candace Rose: Where can your fans go to purchase your album and see you on tour?

Chase Rice: “They can go anywhere to purchase my album. The physical copies are in Walmart and Target and Best Buy. They’re all over across the whole country. Obviously it’s on iTunes and all the internet avenues that you can get it. Go check it out it’s all over right now.

On the tour we’re coming from California to Carolina to Florida to the Dakotas. We’re all over the place, we’re even doing some in Canada. Ignite The Night is going to be about Ignite The Night this whole fall!”


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