CND Co-Founder Jan Arnold Shares Top Nail Color and Embellished Trends for Fall 2014!

When it comes to our hands nothing makes a statement quite like beautiful nails! Over the last few years women have begun to take more risks when it comes to manis (and pedis). We’ve seen everything from bright nails, glitter, one nail a different color than the others, various prints and according to CND co-founder Jan Arnold, this fall it’s all about embellished nails! Jan was kind enough to join me for an interview yesterday to dish on the hottest nail trends seen on the fall runways, she also shared tips on how we can take a more dramatic look from the runway to real way, as well as how to keep your nails looking their best!


CND co-founder Jan Arnold joined Candace Rose to dish on the hottest nail trends for fall 2014!

CND co-founder Jan Arnold joined Candace Rose to dish on the hottest nail trends for fall 2014!

Candace Rose: What types of colors and styles will we be seeing this fall?

Jan Arnold: “On the fall runways, the runways were lush with embellished handmade craftsmanship and nails were like ornate mini masterpieces. The colors ranged from everything from a beautiful gold to crimson to indigo and we used our modern folklore collection for fall in intricate patterns that really resembled faberge and fine tapestries. Nails are very ornate, very precise and very embellished.”


Candace Rose: How can we take a more dramatic look from the runway to real way?

Jan Arnold: “Well, I think it’s important this fall to add a little length to your nails. Go a little bit longer, change the shape to an almond shape. You can even go a little pointed almond, and I would recommend instead of wearing one solid color, to mix colors in interesting patterns and I would even push it all the way to the edge by adding beading and pearls, bits of chains, leather. This is the season to really go for it and make your nails your ultimate fashion accessory.”


CND co-founder Jan Arnold says it's all about the embellished nail for fall 2014! Candace Rose interview

CND co-founder Jan Arnold says it’s all about the embellished nail for fall 2014!



Candace Rose: Are there any products or services you would recommend to keep our nails chip-free?

Jan Arnold: “With nails so lavish this season, it’s really important that you don’t lose a gem or a jewel doesn’t drop out, so CND Shellac is the ultimate service for incredible flawless nails. Shellac lasts for 14 plus day, it gives you a mirror of shine, it really holds those embellishments in and when it is time to change your mani in two or three weeks, it comes off easily with no nail damage.

Now if you don’t want to go the two weeks, you can choose a weekly manicure with CND Vinylux. This is our seven day polish. It’s a polish system – no base coat, the color goes right down onto the nail. The top coat actually gets tougher with exposure to light. You can choose to do it at home or find a fabulous salon to do it for you, so lots of options!”


Candace Rose: Absolutely! What are some general tips for keeping nails healthy and beautiful as we head into the colder months?

Jan Arnold: “I have what I call ‘the three c’s’ of great nail care. The first c is regular care, so making sure that you’re getting into a professional salon every week for Vinylux, every two weeks for CND Shellac.

Number two is to keep your nails conditioned and we have solar oil, which is the golden treatment that you can apply to your nails every night. It actually penetrates through polish into the layers of the natural nail plate to keep your nails resilient and tough.

The third ‘c’ is to keep your nails coated. As we go into fall you lose a lot of moisture, the air is really dry and those dry layers if they’re not coated can pull apart and begin to peel. ‘The three c’s’ are really your assurance for having fabulous nails.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Jan Arnold: “To find a great nail pro, you can go to and find a certified shellac pro. These are the pros that have been educated, they’re up on the trends, they’re going to really protect your natural nails and make sure that your natural nails are ten coveted accessories or 20 coveted accessories for the season.”









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