How Your Kids Can Have a Healthy Sustainable Summer with Ereka Vetrini

What was your favorite summer activity when you were a kid? For me, it was traveling up to Lake Tahoe with my family and enjoying all that nature could bring or hanging out with my grandparents working on fun projects. According to lifestyle expert, Ereka Vetrini, keeping your kids active is essential to their health and will keep them “happy physically and mentally.” Ereka was kind enough to join me for an interview recently to dish on how parents can establish a healthy and active lifestyle for kids during the summer, fun projects that teach kids about sustainability and the secret to keeping the entire family happy!


TV host and lifestyle expert Ereka Vetrini joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on how parents can teach their kids for sustainability this summer.

TV host and lifestyle expert Ereka Vetrini joined Candace Rose for an interview to dish on how parents can teach their kids for sustainability this summer.





Candace Rose: Why is summer an important time to establish a healthy and active lifestyle for kids?

Ereka Vetrini: “Unfortunately, when school lets out, sometimes the kids schedule slows down so much that their brain turns to mush. You don’t want that to happen, you want to keep them active, healthy and happy physically and mentally, the whole nine yards. We’ve partnered with some really great companies who’ve given us some great ideas on how to do just that!”


Candace Rose: Where can parents start this summer?

Ereka Vetrini: “First thing I’d suggest is absolutely keep up with some old routines, establish some new routines. The first thing my daughter does when she wakes up in the morning (she’s five) is read a few books, a couple pages; and my son works on his alphabet. An easy one that the whole family can get behind is taking their daily vitamins. It’s so important for kids and for adults. Walgreens has actually partnered or teamed up with Vitamin Angels and they’re donating 40% of all of their vitamin sales toward helping millions of children who lack essential minerals and vitamins, so it’s a big deal. All of the vitamins that are available at Walgreens are eligible for the program, so that’s great news, including Flintstones vitamins that I absolutely love, and my kids basically beg me to have every morning. They remind me that they need to take their vitamins. It’s kind of cool, because while you’re helping your family establish this healthy lifestyle, you’re also supporting an effort to reach 100 million children who desperately need these life changing vitamins. Good job Walgreens and Vitamin Angels.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any tips for a sustainable summer?

Ereka Vetrini: “I think summer is a great time to teach your kids about sustainability, that taking small steps to live a more sustainable life can make a really big impact. Unilever Project Sunlight is on a mission to do just that, so they’re offering ways to teach our kids about upcycling, recycling and sustainability, check out, there are great activities and crafts that your kids can get behind to teach them all of these little things. One that I absolutely love that we have here (please see video for details) you take an empty Suave shampoo bottle, you mark it and cut off the top, you cut it down, file it and all you have to do is paint and decorate and it turns into an adorable little caddy. It’s so cute, my daughter and I did this. It’s so cute and so fun. You can also check out the site and find out how to grow an indoor herbal garden using Hellman’s jars, so that’s – great ideas.”


Learn how to make a sustainable herbal garden out of a recycled Hellman's jar. Image courtesy of

Learn how to make a sustainable herbal garden out of a recycled Hellman’s jar. Image courtesy of


Candace Rose: What are some ways to keep the entire family happy?

Ereka Vetrini: “Well, spend time together. Spend time together as a family, play together, go outside…it is summertime. Get messy, play a game of soccer, build a sand castle at the beach – whatever it is that you guys like to do, just don’t be afraid to get messy. As a mom you can get caught up in that stuff, but don’t….especially when you have products like Gain Flings. It’s brand new, launched in January, really easy to use, you simply toss it into the wash and it’s got two times the cleaning power and it’s got 50% more scent. The scent is really what sets Gain apart from so many other brands, studies show that Gain scent brings more joy than listening to your favorite song, that’s kind of cool. It’s like music to your nose!”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Ereka Vetrini: “I’ve got a ton more tips on my website, you can go to, click on my blog and you’ll see these tips and a few more.”



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