How to Get Rid of Cellulite For Good with Health and Beauty Expert, Kym Douglas of “Home & Family”


Photo Credit: Copyright 2014 Crown Media Family Networks/Photographer: Jeremy Lee. Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare welcome In Living Color, star, Kim Wayans as she talks about her latest project, CBS’ Reckless.  You know her from Dexter, Actress, Jaime Murray shares stories from the set of her new SyFy Drama, Defiance.  Chef Jeffrey Saad cooks up one of his signature dishes, Mahi Mahi Ceviche with Avocado.  From Small Town, Big Deal, hosts, Jann Carl and Rodney Miller brings us a live Civil War Reenactment!  We help prevent tech related injuries in our children, with Dr. J.J. Levenstein.  Debbie Matenopoulos has a Beard fashion show to see which kinds of facial hair work and which don’t.  Jessie Jane makes a DIY Clothes hamper for under $20.  Then, Kym Douglas has ideas to help win the war on Cellulite.

Jann Carl, Debbie Matenopoulos, Cristina Ferrare and Kym Douglas share tips on how to combat cellulite once and for all on Hallmark’s “Home & Family.”
Photo Credit: Copyright 2014 Crown Media Family Networks/Photographer: Jeremy Lee.



Has cellulite affected your self esteem and made you second guess putting on shorts before leaving the house? If so, you’re not alone. According to “Home & Family” co-host Cristina Ferrare “cellulite affects up to 85% of all women in America.”

Hollywood health and beauty expert Kym Douglas broke it down for us on “Home & Family” today, and apparently “it’s a fat, but it’s a harder to combat fat because cellulite is a fat that pushes against the connective tissue and that’s what causes the dimpling.”

Kym shared some of the top treatments that will help combat cellulite once and for all! She dished that to make the skin look smoother and get rid of cellulite for good, you’ve got to strengthen the skin. You’ve got to hydrate it with creams and lotions, and then you’ve also got to make sure the connective tissue in your body is getting stronger and firmer.”


Kym Douglas’ tips to get rid of cellulite:

  • You can temporarily get rid of cellulite with coffee grinds (which stimulate blood flow) mixed with a little bit of olive oil in an old pair of pantyhose. Be sure to watch the video above to get the recipe! Scrub the skin until the cellulite temporarily disappears. The results will last about an hour or two.
  • Want results that will “last a lifetime”? Kym Douglas recommends Adonia Legtone Serum, “it’s been proven to reduce the look of cellulite by 72% in 6 weeks.”
  • Kym Douglas also recommends getting a mini trampoline. It’s a lymphatic drainage system for your body – “it’s a trash can where all the toxins accumulate and if you’re jumping up and down you’re helping with the circulation and you’re releasing all the toxins and you’re going to have no cellulite.”

Be sure to watch the video below for more information on how you can get banish cellulite for good! Don’t forget to tune into Hallmark’s “Home & Family” weekdays at 10 am for more great tips.


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