Throw A Memorable Summer Party with Lifestyle Expert, Justine Santaniello

Looking to throw a memorable summer party that your guests won’t soon forget? Lifestyle expert Justine Santaniello is an expert when it comes to throwing parties, and she was kind enough to join me for an interview this morning to dish on the secret to planning the perfect party with the must have tools every host or hostess needs in the kitchen, a delicious entree, fabulous desserts and a Grey Goose Le Melon mule recipe!


Lifestyle expert Justine Santaniello dishes her secrets to throwing a memorable party this summer!

Lifestyle expert Justine Santaniello dishes her secrets to throwing a memorable party this summer!





Candace Rose: With summer officially here, what’s the secret to planning the perfect party?

Justine Santaniello: “I think it’s about being organized, pre-planning as much as you can when you go grocery shopping, actually bringing a list with you and one that has backup items on it.

Also, pre-prep and pre-cook as much as you can the night before or the morning of is really important.

Also, you want to make use of the tools in your kitchen that can help you out. The LG four door refrigerator with door in door. It has multiple storage compartments to keep you organized. So, you press a button and you can access the door in door. You keep all of your party essentials right there front and center without having to open the entire fridge or letting that cold air escape. Plus, they have a custom chill drawer. This has lots of different temperature settings for different ones, so you can use it as either an extra fridge or freezer space. With all that combined you have plenty of room for everything for your party.”


Candace Rose: What are some of your favorite go to food and drinks for summer?

Justine Santaniello: “I have a ton of food and drink ideas here for you. When it comes to your entree, you want something light and fresh. A salad as an entree is a great idea in the summertime. We have grilled shrimp with avocado and citrus salad. This is made with fresh avocados from Mexico which you can get all yearlong. They pair really nicely with the seasonal items of the summer, grilled meats; you can blend them into dressing. They have the good fat – 50 calories per one ounce serving. If you go to you can find out all the details about this salad, but also so many different recipe ideas there.

Your entree is set and when it comes to your dessert “your sweet treat”, you want something cool and refreshing. Ice cream is always a crowd pleaser, so here we have the new limited edition summer flavors from Edy’s and Dreyer’s “Fun in Sun Banana Split” and “Summer In The City Cheesecake” which are available in slow churned and grand. Something really great, Candace, that I think you’ll appreciate this summer – Edy’s and Dreyer’s are turning scoops into smiles with the return of their “A Reason To Smile” campaign partnership with Operation Smile. You can actually help them gift 500 life changing surgeries to kids with cleft lips and palates. If you go to their Facebook page, they have all the information right there for you and how you guys can help.


Delicious grilled shrimp with avocado, yummy Dreyer's and Edy's limited edition summer 2014 ice cream, and Grey Goose Le Melon mules that lifestyle expert Justine Santaniello dished today!

Delicious grilled shrimp with avocado, yummy Dreyer’s and Edy’s limited edition summer 2014 ice cream, and Grey Goose Le Melon mules that lifestyle expert Justine Santaniello dished today! Image courtesy of



So now you have your fresh entree, you have your sweet dessert and we can’t talk about a party without talking about a summer cocktail. I have the perfect one here for you and again, very easy to make. So this is how you make the Grey Goose Le Melon mule, you just take one and a half parts Grey Goose Le Melon, that’s their newest flavored vodka, one half of a fresh lime (juiced), some crushed ice, three parts ginger beer, top it off with a fresh lemon slice. And like all of their flavored vodkas, it’s crafted from the essence of single source ingredients, and in this case the cavaillon melon. It’s really yummy for your guests, but very easy for you to make.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Justine Santaniello: “In the summer there are so many great holidays to celebrate, I say take advantage of your local party stores, dollar stores, get all of your decor items and decorations from there. Most of them are paper and plastic, so when you’re done with them you can throw them away, recycle them and it’s very easy cleanup.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information? 

Justine Santaniello: “You guys can go to for all of this and much more.”


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