Tech Gifts and Household Must Haves for the Dad or Grad with Tech Expert, Jeana Tahnk

Does your dad or grad love technology and tidying up around the house? If so, we have the scoop on three great gifts for that dad or grad! Tech expert, Jeana Lee Tahnk joined me for an interview this morning to dish on two must have tech gifts for the dad or grad who loves listening to music and/or playing with their smartphone, and one household must have that would make a great gift for that recent grad who is moving into a new abode or the dad who likes to keep his place neat and tidy.



Tech expert Jeana Tahnk has the scoop on three great tech and lifestyle gifts for the dad or grad! Image courtesy of

Tech expert Jeana Tahnk has the scoop on three great tech and lifestyle gifts for the dad or grad! Image courtesy of





Candace Rose: What are some of the top gift ideas for dads and grads?

Jeana Lee Tahnk: “Father’s Day is right around the corner and graduation ceremonies, so while these are terrific moments to celebrate, they’re not always the easiest to gift for. I find myself struggling to come up with good Father’s Day ideas every year for my husband and for my dad, so I have a few great practical and unique gift ideas to share.

The first is by JBL, it’s called the JBL Charge. It’s a portable wireless speaker that is not much bigger than a soda can. It’s amazing to hear the kind of sound quality that comes out of something so small. It comes in fun colors, which is great. It features a 12 hour long battery, which is really going to outlast any kind of barbecue or party that you have outside this summer. As the charge name indicates, what’s really neat about this is that it charges your mobile devices while the music is playing. It’s a multifunctional device and it’s a gadget that kind of does the work for you, which I love.

Now onto music loving grads, the JBL Synchros E40BT headphones. These are portable wireless headphones that are going to be such a hit with any grad that you give these to. They feature a 16 hour long battery life, which is amazing and they’re really going to sustain how grads tend to wear these things all day long, that’s the look now. What’s also neat about these is that they feature something called ShareMe technology, which means that two pairs of headphones can be synched together wirelessly so that two grads can listen to the same playlist at the same time or even kids in the backseat on a long summer road trip can watch a movie and give the parents in the front seat some peace and quiet.

We’ve covered the gift of tech, now onto the gift of time. Home owning dads will find that – I know at least in our house getting through our list of to-dos is never and never-ending list of household chores is something that we have to tackle every single weekend. Dads will appreciate taking one of those automatically off the list with Changing the air filter in your air conditioning and heating unit is not something that we think to do regularly, but cleaner filters is a subscription based service that delivers clean air filters to your door. You need to change your air filters regularly and lets you do that automatically. And through this weekend they’re offering dads 20% off and free shipping by using the coupon code: DAD20 at checkout.

So these are just couple of great options here, practical gifts, musical gifts, something that any dad or grad will love.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Jeana Lee Tahnk: “Yes, additional information on these products can be found at”


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