On My Fashion List: Trendy Bright Running Shoes for Women, Summer 2014 Style!

It’s no secret that I’m crazy about running shoes! In my opinion, the brighter and more attention bringing the better. A great pair of running shoes are like just a great pair of heels in the sense that they motivate you, bring you confidence and just add to any outfit. But unlike heels, a great pair of running shoes will help you to get in shape on your evening run with your dog or when you work out at the crack of dawn or even during your lunch break for a quick walk or jog around the park. Never underestimate the power of a great pair of running shoes, especially when they’re pretty and make you feel good 🙂

Every season I like to scour the net to bringing you the hottest running shoes that I either own or are in this case…ON MY LIST! With my birthday being next week, these great running shoes/sneakers are on my birthday wish list as well.

































Puma sent me the PUMA Mobium XT to review (will post asap) and I absolutely love them!





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