Figure Skating Champion and Lifestyle Expert, Mar Jennings on the Importance of Boomers Being Active!

It’s important to be active, regardless of your age. Whether you’re a child, college student, parent or boomer, it’s important for you to identify “what you love and do what makes your heart tick”. Not only does your body depend on it, but your health and your mind. There are a host of challenges that can make it difficult for us to get active, with the summer heat being one of them, and unfortunately many boomers are subject to more. Two time regional and sectional figure skating champion, renowned author and lifestyle expert, Mar Jennings joined me for an interview recently to discuss the importance of being active, how to stimulate your mind and body with various hobbies, how to overcome the challenges people face to remain active and much more!

Olympic gold medal winning figure skater and lifestyle expert, Mar Jennings dishes on how boomers can get active for summer 2014!

Olympic gold medal winning figure skater and lifestyle expert, Mar Jennings dishes on how boomers can get active for summer 2014!





Candace Rose: What lifestyle changes can boomers make to get active?

Mar Jennings: “I think it all starts with identifying what you love and doing what makes your heart tick. The moment that you tap into that, you’re more likely set aside the time and energy to get out there and to move.”


Candace Rose: What are the biggest challenges to remaining active?

Mar Jennings: “Well, I think people just make excuses and they say as they get older they’re going to slow down a bit, they don’t have to be as fast as they used to be. But I think the important thing is the fountain of youth is all about being active. I have some great tips for you in reference to that. I think it’s important to push yourself and what I mean by that is to reconnect with something that perhaps maybe you did when you were younger. Now, I’m not saying you have to do exactly what you did when you were younger, but for me for example, I used to be a competitive figure skater and although I’m not doing those triples or doubles anymore, I am going out there and I am pushing myself to get back on the ice and experience what that felt like. I think it’s also very important to visualize where you want to be in the next couple of years. As a skater, I say set mini goals that lead ultimately to your bigger goals. That’s a great transition to get you over that arch.”


Candace Rose: What other activities can help boomers stimulate their minds and bodies?

Mar Jennings: “I think if you can adopt a pet and if you can do some gardening or perhaps even travel, these are three things that subconsciously transfer all the energy to something else, that you’re getting a reward out of it. When you have a pet, there’s nothing better than to have a fur baby that loves you unconditionally, but it is a responsibility. When you’re gardening it certainly is a task, you’re up and you’re down and you’re planting…but you’re also getting some wonderful rewards out of it as well that you can show off. It doesn’t matter if it’s a planter or it’s the backyard or even a balcony. And a third one, with so many wonderful places to travel in the world and some wonderful deals out there, there’s no excuse not to get out there and to experience the world. But, Candace, I do want to mention something that people are not talking about and there’s many men and women out there living with bladder leakage…but I come with great news because Depend has introduced Depend underwear with new fit-flex protection that gives people the freedom, but most importantly the confidence they need so they can get out there and live an active lifestyle, that’s so important with more Lycra strands that really contours to your body, so you don’t even know that you’re wearing them.”



Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Mar Jennings: “Absolutely! Go ahead and check out my website, for home, garden or lifestyle tips. But more importantly, you can also go to where you can hear personal stories as well.”


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