“Alone Yet Not Alone” Star Kelly Greyson Talks Film Which Opens In Theaters June 13th

The film “Alone Yet Not Alone” based on a true story, takes place in the year 1755 during the French and Indian War. Actress Kelly Greyson stars as Barbara Leininger, who was kidnapped along with her younger sister during the war. Kelly joined me this week for an interview to discuss her heroic role, how she prepared for the film and how you can see the movie which opens in theaters on June 13th.



"Alone Yet Not Alone" star Kelly Greyson talks to Candace Rose about her role and how you can see the film in your area when it opens on June 13th! Image courtesy of Twitter.com/KellyGreyson

“Alone Yet Not Alone” star Kelly Greyson talks to Candace Rose about her role and how you can see the film in your area when it opens on June 13th! Image courtesy of Twitter.com/KellyGreyson





Candace Rose: You’re starring in the faith based film “Alone Yet Not Alone”. Can you tell us about the movie?

Kelly Greyson: “It is set in the French and Indian War, and is the story of two young girls that are captured by the Native Americans. It is essentially their story of faith, hope and survival.”


Candace Rose: You play the heroic role of Barbara Leininger in the film. Can you tell us about your character?

Kelly Greyson: “Yes. She is the older sister, and it’s actually an amazing inspiring story. I think when you play a true story, well, first you have to be so authentic so that was an element that adds to your acting. But I think just to see her character and be inspired by her as a person was really a great experience.”


Candace Rose: I read that you do all of your own stunts. How did you prepare for the film?

Kelly Greyson: “Well, I think anything you can learn from history, I’ve always loved history and so to be a part of history was really fun and to see it come to life.

I do do my own stunts, and this particular one was so much fun because it was in the fall in the mountains, waterfalls, incredible scenery. And to be able to run, I did lots of running and horseback riding as well as some water sports, and I learned a little bit of lacrosse…so that was fun!”


Candace Rose: What’s the most important message you hope that moviegoers will take from the film?

Kelly Greyson: “There’s so many messages, actually it’s a really impactful story, and I think especially since it’s a true story you can see what other people endured really hard things and they came out and survived.

Another theme I think especially the Father’s Day weekend opening is so poignant and beautifully portrayed is the impact that fathers can have on their families and children and to see how what this father spoke to his children really carries them through hard times, I really think is a great message I hope fathers and parents really feel inspired by.”


Candace Rose: The film was shown in 11 cities last year, and is going to open in over 200 cities this weekend. How can people see the film in their area?

Kelly Greyson: “If you go to the “Alone Yet Not Alone” website they have a list of where the film opens and what theaters. I think continue to check because that list is growing daily, so check back if it’s not in your area. Just check it that way.

Also, I would love for people to go to my website, which is my name KellyGreyson.com and see the other films. Hopefully I have four coming out this year, so I’d love for everybody to see all of those. I’ve been able to be a part of so many films that are just really amazing stories, and also you can keep up to date on what projects I’m working on and that kind of think.”


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