Top Spring and Summer 2014 Men’s Fashion and Grooming Trends with Celebrity Stylist, George Brescia

With spring officially upon us and summer just a little over a month away, celebrity stylist George Brescia was kind enough to join me for an interview to discuss the top grooming and fashion trends for men!


Celebrity stylist George Brescia talks the top spring and summer fashion trends for men!

Celebrity stylist George Brescia talks the top spring and summer fashion trends for men!



Candace Rose: How can guys look their best this spring and summer?

George Brescia: “Candace, I think it’s so important to just keep it simple, easy and basic. When we see a guy, the first thing we notice is his smile. I have to tell you, I personally love the Oral Black 7000 Power Brush. This is so great because it actually reduces up to 100 percent more plaque than a manual brush, so that’s something that it does for you. Aside from that, it’s really cool. As guys, we love gadgets. We love to have our James Bond moment and feel like we have the coolest gadgets ever, and this definitely qualifies. It has a smart guide, what that does is it tracks your own brushing habits so that you know what you need, as well as six different brush modes so you can tailor it to your own needs. It has a pressure sensor so you don’t brush too hard, this is something that a lot of guys do and it’s alleviated in this product which is so fantastic. It has its own travel pack, so that’s great for us guys because we’re going to the gym, we’re going to the office. You can take it with you on vacation, wherever you go you know your smile is looking good.


A lot of guys need to take care of their skin and moisturize it, I think a lot of guys go into their wives and girlfriends medicine cabinet and stealing their moisturizer and they don’t even know what they’re using, it’s hysterical. Sometimes guys go into the gym and use whatever moisturizer is there, and it can be heavy and it can be greasy…and guys want to keep it simple, basic and really quick. Vaseline Men’s Spray lotion – fantastic…comes fast absorbing, fast cooling. It has a 360 degree spray. What does that mean? It means it sprays evenly with a very light coat. It absorbs in about 10 seconds, and what’s fabulous is you don’t feel you’re wearing anything at all and your skin is completely moisturized which is so great. I love this, it’s a great product- it’s quick, it’s easy and it keeps you on the move.


George also dished his top fashion trends for men this spring and summer!


“Guys get these crazy socks, and they’re really making a fashion statement and they’re really expressing their own personal style- rolled up jeans, rolled up khakis. You see the socks. Candace, I’ve got to tell you, the men in the business world are into it too. They wear it under the beautiful business suit, and then during the day they do a little reveal and they have sort of a competition. I think it’s so cool, and the men collect them. It’s this really cool trend, it’s a great way for a guy to express his own style. I think it’s fantastic.

Bright shirts– you can see these bright shirts here (please see video for details), you can pair it like we have it here and wear it underneath a navy blazer or a dark business suit. What I love is you can take a bright shirts, you put it under a navy blazer with an open collar, jeans. I love it with the white tennis shoes on the weekend and I think that’s a terrific look. As well as taking beautiful ties, like the paisley, the plaid and the stripe, pairing it with a white shirt and a blazer and the jeans. That’s fantastic, or you can do it with a white shirt and a beautiful business suit or an elegant suit. You can go to a wedding or a cocktail party. Shirts and ties are really happening again and it’s a great way for a guy to express his style and he has it for all parts of his lifestyle, work, play, weekend- fabulous.

I’m wearing a white flower on my lapel, this is actually a porcelain flower that goes into a tie bar that goes into my lapel. Christopher Harrap makes these, it’s calledĀ Boutonniere, and it’sĀ where you can buy them. I’m wearing the white one, we have a pink one here. This is like the cherry on the top. It really is great on a guy, it lets him show his own style and makes him polished. I think it looks terrific.

There are so many opportunities for men in grooming with your smile; your skin is taken care of, it’s moisturized; you’ve got great accessories to choose from. I think the guys are going to be all set this season.


If anybody has any questions for me, you can find me on I’m happy to answer any questions, you can tweet me at @GeorgeBStyle. I have my own web series, it’s and it’s called Dress Up with George B Style, and it’s so cool. I’m dressing all these Broadway stars for their openings and their photo shoots, but we talk about all these kinds of things in the web series and it’s candid. It’s a docu-reality show, and we have a blast.”


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