“The Face” Finalists Afiya and Tiana Talk Naomi Campbell, Anne V., Lydia Hearst and Frederic Fekkai

The much anticipated season finale of Naomi Campbell’s hit reality show “The Face” aired on Wednesday night. This season the modeltestants who were coached by the likes of supermodels Naomi Campbell, Anne V. and Lydia Hearst were all vying to bethe face of Frederic Fekkai’s brand. The ladies faced many challenges and ultimately learned exactly what it takes to be a high profile model and the face of a brand. Earlier this week prior to the finale I had a chance to interview finalists Tiana and Afiya about their experience on the show, the challenges they had faced prior to the finale episode and what it would take to be the face of a brand! Spoiler alert: Congratulations to Tiana who was named the face of Frederic Fekkai!


THE FACE -- Finale -- Pictured: (l-r) Frederic Fekkai and modeltestant Afiya-- (Photo by: Steve Fenn/Oxygen)

THE FACE — Finale — Pictured: (l-r) Frederic Fekkai and modeltestant Afiya– (Photo by: Steve Fenn/Oxygen)


THE FACE -- Finale -- Pictured: (l-r) Anne V and the new face of Frederic Fekkai, Tiana -- (Photo by: Steve Fenn/Oxygen)

THE FACE — Finale — Pictured: (l-r) Anne V and the new face of Frederic Fekkai, Tiana — (Photo by: Steve Fenn/Oxygen)



Candace Rose: Can you tell us about last week’s challenge?

Tiana: “Our campaign last week was all about the press. We each had to write our own speech  introducing Fekkai’s new line of hair mist fragrances and deliver that speech to a room full of bloggers, reporters, editors, and the notorious Perez Hilton. And then to top it off, we took live questions from the press. We had to stay composed and represent the Fekkai brand with knowledge, confidence, and poise.”


Candace Rose: Naomi Campbell, Anne V and Lydia watched you at one point from a hidden camera. How did that make you feel? Did you learn anything from the incident and do you feel it helped you in any way prepare for the challenge?

Afiya: “Naomi Campbell , Anne V and Lydia Hearst watched us on a hidden camera which was a rude awakening that you always need to carry yourself professionally on and off camera. I definitely feel that all of the model contestants including myself could have conducted ourselves better than we did but all in all it was a lesson learned. I don’t feel that it helped us prepare for the challenge; I think that it distracted us because our focus was on that situation instead of entirely on the campaign. However it showed us how to conduct in future endeavors after the competition.”

Tiana: “When I found out our mentors had been watching us on hidden camera, I was terrified! I wanted to crawl into my scarf and hide! However, it definitely taught me that if you want to get to the top, you can’t waste a second, and you have to use any time you’re given very wisely. Whether someone is watching or not, you should always represent yourself, and the brand, with class and drive.”


Candace Rose: How did you prepare for the challenge of going not only before Frederik Fekkai, but his senior executives and esteemed journalists?

Afiya: “I prepared for the challenge of going not only before Frederick Fekkai, but his senior executives and esteemed journalist by studying the product and making it connect to myself and how Fekkai products make me feel.”

Tiana: “To prepare myself to speak in front of Frederik, his senior execs, and all the press, I wanted to make sure I discovered why I personally love the Fekkai products. The scents, the way they feel in your hair, the lightness, I wanted to experience all that first hand, so I could be myself, speak from my heart, and honestly tell everyone why they should love these products and much as I do. I wanted to make a connection to both the Fekkai products, and the audience. But seriously…They smell SOOOOO good!!!”


Candace Rose: Afiya, you were spared from possibly facing elimination last week. How did last week’s challenge compare to the others you faced this season?

Afiya: “I think that last weeks challenge was different from others I faced this season because the intensity was higher being that we were down to the final four. I was trying so hard to impress Naomi and the executives that I should have relaxed a bit more and just been myself.”


Candace Rose: Tiana, congratulations on winning last week’s challenge. Tell us what it meant for you to to win. How do you feel going into this week’s challenge?


Tiana: “Winning the Fekkai press campaign was huge! Not only did it ensure my spot in the finale (thank goodness I didn’t have to face that scary elimination room again), but it was also a good sign that the Fekkai senior executives saw something special in me, as they said I was very poised and “so Fekkai.” Since they chose me as the winner of this campaign, they must’ve seen that I would make a wonderful face of their brand.”


Candace Rose: How did last week’s challenge prepare you for the finale? 

Afiya: “Last weeks challenge prepared me for the finale by showing me that everything that I have learned thus far in the competition needs to be put into pull effect. Most importantly I need to believe in myself, and have self confidence in order to become THE FACE of Frederick Fekkai.”

Tiana: “Winning last week’s campaign gave me the boost of confidence I needed to go into the finale full throttle. It made me realize just how close I was to making my dreams come true, and that I will put my blood, sweat, and tears into working hard in the finale to make sure I make Anne, myself, and all my fans proud.”


Candace Rose: What are the most important things you’ve learned or will carry away from this challenge win or lose?

Afiya: “The most important things I have learned and will carry away from this challenge win or lose is how to be sweet, elegant, poised and professional.”

Tiana: “Regardless of how this adventure ends, I am walking away a much stronger model and person. Anne has helped me learn to love myself, that my flaws are beautiful, that I don’t have to try to be so perfect, and that sometimes, feeling and acting a little stupid is the best thing you can do! I’ve learn to accept that, in the words of Frederic, I’m perfectly imperfect.”


Candace Rose: What will it take to win the competition and become the face of Frederik Fekkai? 

Afiya: “In order to win and become The FACE of Frederick Fekkai I will have have to embody the Fekkai women, effortlessly beautiful and poised.”

Tiana: “To win The Face will take confidence, passion, poise, and drive. You have to be able to talk the talk and walk the walk. I believe I have all the qualities that Fekkai is looking for in their brand ambassador, and I have the determination to go out there and get it! All three of us left in the finale made it here for a reason, we’ve survived extreme runways, nude photoshoots, 10 inch heels, the works, and I think all three of us have grown leaps from the model’s we were when we walked into this compition. May the best woman win! ;)”





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