Recipe: Learn How to Make “The Chew” Chef Carla Hall’s Cinna-Bacon Pie

I’ve never really been much of a breakfast person, even when I was a kid….except for when my family was on vacation in Lake Tahoe. We only stayed at my aunt and uncle’s cabin a few times, but when we did, my dad would run to the nearby Safeway and pick us up cinnamon rolls with icing. That was a real treat to us, and is something I’ll never forget. It’s funny the things you remember and that always stick with you, right?! I remember trying to recreate them at home with a can of refrigerator dough cinnamon rolls. I popped them in the oven (icing and all, mind you) and boy did I see smoke. I guess I should mention I was never one for reading directions, either! 😉 Thankfully for me and those who trust me to cook for them, not following recipes/directions is a thing of the past. I love cooking for myself and those I love, and thanks to “The Chew” I’m getting better at it. This week one of our favorite chefs on the planet and interviewee’s, Carla Hall shared a delicious Cinna-Bacon pie (cinnamon rolls and bacon) recipe, that I can’t wait to recreate for breakfast! Doesn’t it sound amazing? It doesn’t get much better than cinnamon rolls and bacon, in my book.


Learn how to make "The Chew" chef Carla Hall's cinna-bacon pie dish for breakfast or brunch!

Learn how to make “The Chew” chef Carla Hall’s cinna-bacon pie dish for breakfast or brunch!



If you’d love to make your family a breakfast dish they’ll always remember, be sure to watch the video below and follow the link to “The Chew” chef Carla Hall’s Cinna-Bacon pie recipe! Yum.


Cinna-Bacon pie ingredients



Video one: Watch “The Chew’s” Carla Hall, Michael Symon, Curtis Stone, Daphne Oz and Clinton Kelly prep the cinna-bacon pie!



According to Daphne Oz, this is a good “starter pie” if you haven’t made pies before or looking for something fairly basic. Chef Carla stated that this you can do this with any fruit, it doesn’t have to be with apples.





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