Parents 2014 Summer Survival Guide and Chocolate Giveaway with Mom Generations, Audrey McLelland


With the school year ending in just a few weeks many parents may be worried about where to take that family summer vacation or how to get their kids to let go of their tech devices and enjoy the fresh outdoors! But what about parents? Mom and dad deserve a break too every once and a while. Parenting expert and Mom Generations co-owner, Audrey McLelland joined me for an interview this morning to dish on her summer survival guide. She shared tips on how parents can get their kids involved in activities, how mom and dad can unwind with chocolate, as well as Lindt’s amazing chocolate giveaway, and how parents can keep their small children safe from the sun.


Mom Generations and parenting expert Audrey McLelland shares her summer survival guide for parents and kids!

Mom Generations and parenting expert Audrey McLelland shares her summer survival guide for parents and kids!




Candace Rose: What are some of your favorite summer survival tips?

Audrey McLelland: “I think it’s important to make sure that your kids are active and busy throughout the summer. I have five kids, four of them are a little bit older – they’re six, seven, eight and nine, so I know that they are busy throughout school year but I don’t want them on the couch all summer. I want them doing things – camps, programs, activities, swim team, tennis lessons or just even planning a family vacation, just great ways to keep your family busy, active but also make sure which is very important as a mom, that you’re taking time for yourself as well.”


Candace Rose: What are some ways that parents can treat themselves?

Audrey McLelland: “I feel like in the summer, especially for me I feel like I’m busier than I am in the school year because I’m driving them everywhere so it can be very hectic, it can be very busy and it can be very tiring. A lot of moms out there will say ‘Audrey, I don’t have blocks of time to relax and unwind, so what can I do”? With the help of smooth melting Lindor truffles you can experience a melt worthy me moment. It just takes a few moments to enjoy that smooth chocolate center, and it’s amazing just in those few minutes you can relax and unwind and what an impact that can do. It helps, it brings you down. There are 18 different flavors, so there’s something for everybody and right now Lindt chocolate, on their Facebook page ( they have a contest where they’re asking consumers to head on over and share their melt worthy moments. One of the prizes is a spa getaway to Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. I think it’s a great way to just remember that, that we do need to take those moments and how it can be done quick and easy.”


Candace Rose: What are some great vacation ideas for the whole family?

Audrey McLelland: “It’s great for the families to be able to do things together, whether it’s going to an amusement park, going to the beach, maybe you’re going on a camping trip or a fishing trip. Just taking the time to be together, a lot of times parents maybe don’t want to go away for a full week, so it’s fun to plan just maybe a stay-cation or a two day little excursion to places.

Also in the summer, I feel like, especially with my kids we’re big into giving back. I think the summertime as well as a family it’s important to do that together. Build-A-Bear Workshops have a great program right now called Huggable Heroes where they’re recognizing and they’re rewarding children between the ages of eight and 18 who are doing just that, making an impact in the community, making the world a better place. Right now is the nomination period, now through June 12th you can head over to and you can nominate a child in your life. They’re going to have 10 Huggable Heroes and those 10 kids will win a $5,000 scholarship and $2500 to put down towards a charity of their choice. I feel like as much as you do mini vacations in the summer, it’s also about spending time together, it’s about doing something special and giving back is a great way, and I love how Build-A-Bear is really shining a light on that.”


Candace Rose: How can parents of small children keep them safe from the sun?

Audrey McLelland: “I have a 10 month old baby girl, so it’s been a while since I’ve had a baby in the summer and you do, you forget just how delicate and gentle their skin can be. Aveeno Baby has skin products that protect a baby’s skin, there’s sun lotion, there’s face block, they have a wash and a lotion as well. It’s pediatrician recommended and it’s formulated with active natural oats to sooth and protect under that sun.

Again, in the summer months it’s so hot, you really want to make sure you are protecting your baby’s skin and not only your baby, but yours as well and your other children.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Audrey McLelland: “Sure, you can head over to”


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