How to Ease the Stress of Moving with Organizing Expert, Donna Smallin of

Selling your home and buying or renting a new house can be a very stressful experience, but nobody tells you how bad the added stress of moving can be. Are you planning on making the move into a new place this spring or summer? If so, you’re in luck! With May being National Moving Month, organizing expert Donna Smallin of joined me for an interview this week to discuss how you can ease the stress of moving by organizing, decluttering and having the right moving supplies!


Organizing expert Donna Smallin of shares tips on how you can take the stress out of moving in 2014.

Organizing expert Donna Smallin of shares tips on how you can take the stress out of moving in 2014.





Candace Rose: Moving can be so stressful. How can those who plan on moving this season make the process easier on themselves?

Donna Smallin: “Well, I have two words for you and that is ‘get organized’ because the more detailed you are early on, the easier your move will go. I always recommend keeping a moving binder. This is something you can just put together its place for your master to-do list, also moving estimates and anything related to your move can go in there and you always know where to find that.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any advice on how we can get organized for good? That’s one of my biggest problems!

Donna Smallin: “We’re talking about moving, and a lot of the tips that I’m going to give today are things that you can think about at any time, really.

One of them is, when you’re moving, you want to start thinking right away about decluttering your home. We all have too much stuff and you certainly don’t want to take stuff that you’re not using with you to your new home, because wouldn’t it be great when you get to your new home to not have any clutter?

Decluttering is a process, but it’s not a one time process. You have to do it regularly. I recommend having a big yard sale, sell things on Craigslist or better yet, you can just donate everything to a charity and take the tax write-off. In fact, some charities will even come to your house if you call them, and pick everything up which is great – just make sure that you get a receipt.”


Candace Rose: Are there any kind of unexpected issues that come up?

Donna Smallin: “Absolutely. First of all, one of the things on your checklist is going to be your packing supplies. You want to make sure you get those as early as well. One thing that can happen (and it happens a lot) you never have as many boxes as you think you need. You can order boxes online, actually. There are companies that will deliver them right to your home or you can go to Craigslist or to and get some free boxes.

In addition to your paper and your boxes, you’re going to need good packaging tape. And when I say good, I really mean good. If you cheap out on the lower quality tapes, you are going to regret it every time you pull the tape out and then you lose the tape end – because you’re always trying to pick it to find the end again. It’s very frustrating and it’s a big waste of time, which is why I’m a big fan of EZ Start Packaging Tape from Duck Brand. It has – they call it ‘frustration free’ special release technology that insures an easy start every time and you’ll never lose the tape end. Plus, it won’t split like other ones do, and it won’t tear. It unrolls very smoothly and easily, but also quietly for those late night packing sessions.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Donna Smallin: “You mentioned unforeseen things (when moving), another is if you’re buying a home and that’s part of why you’re moving, you want to ask yourself some questions above and beyond the purchase price as far as what other costs will be involved with your move. I’m talking about potential disasters, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners cautions consumers during the buying process to think through the financial implications of a potential disaster like flooding. Be sure that you and your belongings are protected right from the start. They’ve got a great website, it’s called They put together what they call the Get Ready Resources checklist for your move and other tools to help it go very smoothly and get to where you’re going.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information on everything you mentioned?

Donna Smallin: “If you go to (that’s my website) I will be featuring these tips and more throughout the month of May.”


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