6 Must Have Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Mom On Your List with Lifestyle Expert, Jamie Krell

Looking for a great last minute gift for mom this Mother’s Day? Shopping for the perfect present can be tough, especially for the mom who has everything! Lifestyle expert, Jamie Krell joined me for an interview on Friday to share the six must have gifts every mom on your list will love this Mother’s day!


Jamie Krell dishes top kitchen must haves, tech gadgets and great gifts every mom will love this Mother's Day! Image courtesy of Twitter.

Jamie Krell dishes the top kitchen must haves, tech gadgets and great gifts every mom will love this Mother’s Day! Image courtesy of Twitter.




Candace Rose: What’s your favorite gift idea that will make mom happy first thing in the morning?

Jamie Krell: “Well, I love the idea where mom can wake up and enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea and think of you all year long for years to come.

This is from Keurig Brewers (please see video for details), and the first one is the Keurig K Cup Platinum. This is great….there are over 300 different coffees and teas and cocoas and iced beverages to choose from, and it has this set it and forget it automatic LCD button that will even remember mom’s favorite coffee cup size as well.

Now for the mom that likes these authentic delicious espressos, cappuccinos and lattes – this is Rivo, and all mom has to do is add fresh milk or a non-dairy option. She can enjoy this morning, afternoon or evening. These are two great options that she can enjoy all year long.


Now keeping up with the theme of something that mom can continue to enjoy, we all know how moms love to keep in touch and call us, and keep in touch with friends and family and children – this is something that I just discovered that’s awesome that’s called Straight Talk. This is the largest no contract cell phone service provider in the U.S. from the nations most dependable networks, so what you can do here is buy mom a new phone, but in addition buy her a new plan that is half the price of those traditional contracts out there. For $45 a month you can get mom unlimited talk, text and data. The first three gigabytes are high speed, and Walmart is running something that is really great- the entire month of May they’re actually offering $25 gift cards when you buy the Samsung Galaxy, the Centura or the Discover phones. Now if mom already has a phone and a number that she loves, you can add this plan onto it. There’s unlimited text, talk and data and you can go to StraightTalk.com to see if mom’s phone is compatible.


Now I want to move onto flowers because this can be sort of a traditional beautiful gift, but I wanted to kick it off a notch. These are from Teleflora and they are delivering bliss this Mother’s Day with new innovative arrangements. I love Everything Rosy because it’s a 3-in-1 gift. You get this keepsake container that she can reuse and enjoy, plus the flowers and the spa pampering items with a candle. They’ve also teamed up with Spa Finder Wellness, so in addition to the bouquet, they’ll even include a spa gift certificate. Every single bouquet will be hand arranged and hand delivered by a local florist in your mom’s city to her doorstep on Mother’s Day.


Now for the moms out there who love to have their Kindle, their tablet, this is all from Amazon Kindle. If she loves to read and be involved with her kids and watch movies and TV shows and play games – this is the Kindle Paperwhite (please see video for details). For the mom who likes to read, it’s lightweight, it’s easy for her to take on the go, and there’s a built in reading nightlight. There’s no glare, so she can read outside. It has your e-ink screen. The Kindle HDX tablet is great for movies, TV shows and games and has wonderful color clarity on the screen. A great feature here is the Kindle FreeTime which lets mom manage all of the content for her kids. She’ll can also customize profiles, so it acts as a built-in babysitter, which I think is really cool.


Lastly, for the mom who might be struggling a little bit with the aging process, like I know my mom is- these are some new innovative gadgets and products that will really work. This is cool, this is from illuMask (please see video above for details), this uses the same technology and light therapy that has been used by dermatologist offices for years, but now mom can use this in the comfort of her own home. It uses phototherapy infrared light, it’s FDA approved and cleared, tackle fine lines, wrinkles; boost collagen and elastin, and the best part is it’s not hundreds of dollars like it would be in a dermatologist office. This is $30 for 30 treatments. All mom has to do is use the mask once a day for 15 minutes a day, and it works wonders. You can get it right at Ulta.


Lastly, this is a beautiful collection of products from Burt’sĀ Bees. This is their new Brightening Collection, it’s breakthrough and revolutionary because it uses daisy extract to tackle discoloration of the skin, even skin tone. I chose this as the best part because it’s clinically proven to work in just four weeks. You’re going to see a much more even looking skin tone and mom can use it and enjoy it all yearlong, so she can look and feel her very best.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Jamie Krell: “You can go to ThunkNews.com/MothersDay for more information on all these great gift ideas for every mom out there.



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