Simple Ways You Can Go Green in Time for Earth Day 2014 with Green Expert and Home Made Simple Designer, Jennifer Farrell

Are you looking to go green and/or detox your home this spring? With Earth Day a little over a week away (April 22nd) now is the perfect time to become more eco-concsious and make simple green eco-friendly changes to not just your home, but your life. Home Made Simple designer and eco-friendly green living expert, Jennifer Farrell joined me for an interview this week to share simple tips on how we can go green, make a positive impact on Mother Earth and live a healthier life!


Home Made Simple designer and green expert, Jennifer Farrell of Jennifer Farrell Designs joined Candace Rose to discuss how you can go green and live eco-friendly this Earth Day!

Home Made Simple designer and green expert, Jennifer Farrell of Jennifer Farrell Designs joined Candace Rose to discuss how you can go green and live eco-friendly this Earth Day!






Candace Rose: What are some simple ways we can go green this year?

Jennifer Farrell: “Well, the first thing it takes is intention. More and more of us are trying to be green every single day of the year and not just on Earth Day. But since it’s right around the corner, this is a great time to talk about greening our routine. We’ve got some really easy ways with some of my great product partners to talk about some ideas on how to detox different areas of your life with ease.”


Candace Rose: What are some easy changes we can make at home to be more eco-concsious?

Jennifer Farrell: “Well, we all know that at home and at the office, clutter and waste can be big problems. Now is the time to start doing some spring cleaning and clear out those items that you aren’t using anymore. That doesn’t mean just putting them in the garage, donate unwanted items to charity, recycle not only your office paper, but also your ink cartridges. When you’re shopping for cleaning supplies and office products be sure to look for ones that are ‘eco-friendly’ like the all purpose glass cleaners, multipurpose surface wipes and paper towels from the Sustainable Earth line by Staples. These are made with recycled materials, renewable materials, renewable resources and have third party verifications like the multipurpose cleaner, which is green seal verified.

Another great place to make changes that are good for you and for the environment is in the bathroom! Take a look at the products you are already using and really read those ingredients and then consider switching to a natural brand like Tom’s of Maine Whole Care toothpaste. It has no dyes, no artificial sweeteners and no bleaching chemicals. It’s a natural toothpaste that whitens by removing surface stains. It offers cavity protection and comes in many great flavor options. Plus, all of Tom’s of Maine’s packaging is fully recyclable, even your toothbrush through


Now, if you really want to reduce the impact you’re making on the environment, you need to reduce the amount of energy you consume. Appliances are such a big part of our daily lives, so when you’re looking for appliances, really look for ones that have simple eco-efficient features. High efficiency appliances in your home like the Energy star qualified front load washer and electric dryer with efficiency monitor from Amana can save over $3,300 over the lifetime of energy and water costs. That means these appliances essentially pay for themselves and then some. It’s a really great way to go green and save green.”


Candace Rose: Absolutely! Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Jennifer Farrell: “Well, for more great tips, be sure to follow me on Twitter at and on Facebook at The key part is keep making those small changes, Candace, because together all of our small changes can really make a big difference.”


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