My Garden Rose and Sweet Pea Floral Inspiration Board for ProFlowers

My mom has over 200 garden roses (English roses, David Austin roses) and I recently convinced her that we should start sharing the roses with florists and those desiring bouquets. I grew to love the garden about six years ago when I started my first blog and would photograph her beautiful garden rose trellis and sweet pea gardens. I had various people ask me if I would create note cards for them, and that’s when my love of photographing the garden started and discovered the beauty I had been missing all along. It’s hard for me to imagine what life would be like without flowers, not only do they bring me joy but those who follow my floral Instagram and visit my Etsy shop as well.

I am honored ProFlowers asked me to share my favorite floral trends and how they best match my personal style. I am so proud of the rose garden, it takes a lot of work but brings such happiness!


My floral collage and inspiration board for ProFlowers!

My floral collage and inspiration board for ProFlowers!


This is the collage/inspiration board I created with photos I took from my garden. I love bright colors, adore arranging flowers for fun and styling them!

The first photo on the top left was taken a few years ago. I adorned the roses in a vintage milk glass vase to give it a shabby chic look.

The second photo was taken in front of a turquoise background. I love the color turquoise and feel the pink English roses really POPPED in front of them.

The third photo was a photo I styled for fun! Everyone tells me how much they love sweet peas and I thought they would look adorable in a “cafe” type setting.

The photo below it is of a beautiful lilac from the garden. Not only are lilacs gorgeous, but they smell AMAZING!

The following photo is of beautiful garden roses in a lovely vintage jadeite vase. As I mentioned before, I love bright colors, but can’t get enough of these pastel colored roses and vintage vase.

The next photo has to be one of my most popular photography prints. It was featured on Glitter Guide, is pinned by many people on Pinterest, and blogged quite often. These (hydrangeas, garden roses and teddy bear sunflowers) are all mini floral bouquets my mom created for a friend’s baby shower!

And last but not least, that is a closeup of the pink Eden rose trellis in the garden. I adore this trellis, it’s beyond stunning! I wish it bloomed like this all year long and that everyone can see it person.


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