Mother’s Day Gardening Gifts and Musts for Your Master Gardener Mom Who Also Loves Fresh Flowers!



Does your mom love working in the garden? There’s no place my mother would rather be than working in her English rose garden with over 200 various rose bushes. Last year I bought her a David Austin rose for Mother’s Day, which she picked out to add to her 200 plus rose garden, and this year I’m planning on doing the same. Since her birthday is the Monday after Mother’s Day, I will also be adding this¬†David Austin rose guide¬†which she has told me on numerous occasions is a must. With over 200 roses to look after, countless dahlias blooming all summer, lovely hydrangea blooms, pretty privet (and more) we are constantly on the hunt for the perfect vase, pruning shears that don’t give us arthritis or carpal tunnel, sturdy gloves (my mom is having hand surgery on Tuesday because a thorn became embedded in her hand because she used cheap gloves…don’t make the same mistake) and so much more! Since we spend so much time in the garden, I’ve compiled a list of some of our must have garden tools and gifts for mom this Mother’s Day!



My mom has one of the prettiest gardens in town, and she thinks it has something to do with the soil. She swears by Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix:



My mother swears by Perlite, and won’t plant anything without it:

Miracle-Gro Perlite

Miracle-Gro Perlite



If my mom had worn sturdy gloves while in the garden, she wouldn’t have to have surgery on her hand. Don’t make the same mistake! Thorns are nothing to play around with!!!! (Just lookin’ out for ya).



I enjoy using small lightweight pruning shears while cutting roses for bouquets. I would not recommend small shears when pruning large branches, though.



These pruning shears (for pruning branches and vines) have over positive 500 customer reviews. The roses will be in tip top shape, with these babies!!!



Must have garden fork and shovel for planting bulbs or plants:



Cute packets of seeds (Calendula Sunflowers and Nasturtums)!



Fluted garden pots by Judy Jackson:





The most perfect garden cart with a removable wire basket! You can set pots in the cart, your favorite pruning shears, your cup of coffee while you’re repotting plants. The list goes on!



Every gardener needs a good soap!










Ceramic Italian vase:



Gorgeous Versace vase for the fashionista mom who also gardening and fresh flowers:



Exquisite fine bone china vase adorned with Swarovski crystals, 24 carat gold:




If your mom loves beautiful floral prints on her wall, you’ll love my Etsy shop! As I mentioned earlier, my mom has over 200 English roses, a beautiful trellis covered in Pierre de Ronsard (Eden) garden roses, lovely dahlias, stunning hydrangeas, gorgeous sweet peas and more…and I absolutely adore photographing her garden. My prints have been featured on many high profile blogs including Glitter Guide, House of Turquoise and more. I’m happy to offer custom prints as well! Please check out my floral photography prints at



Multicolored Romantic Heirloom Rose Photography print:



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