Image: HGTV Host Sabrina Soto Covers Woman’s Day for Latinas Spring 2014 Issue, Talks Decorating, Family and Style!

HGTV host (and one of our favorite interviewee’s) Sabrina Soto is covering Woman’s Day for Latinas! The magazine hit newsstands nationwide today, and is sure to be a hit. According to the magazine, “In Sabrina Soto’s New York City apartment, you won’t find a single coaster.  ‘I don’t want my guests worrying about where to put their glass,’ she says.  ‘I want them to relax.  Put their feet up!  Dance on my table, for all I care!  People come over to talk, enjoy food, play games – not to live in a perfect space.’

‘Her inspiration, she says, is her close-knit Cuban family, who she visits as often as she can.  “My sister and I talk every day.  She has four kids, ages 2 to 18, so I know what havoc they can wreak on a room,” Sabrina says.  “But home décor is all about creating an inviting space and sharing it with all the people you love.  Otherwise, why do it?”


HGTV host and (Candace Rose show interviewee) Sabrina Soto covers Woman's Day for Latinas Spring Issue on newsstands now!

HGTV host and (Candace Rose show interviewee) Sabrina Soto covers Woman’s Day for Latinas Spring Issue on newsstands now! Image courtesy of Woman’s Day for Latinas.


Sabrina shared a few of her favorite tips for a creating a pretty room that’s easy to keep that way – without squashing anyone’s fun.


  1.  Find Your Style

“Before redoing a room, think about what kind of family you are.  Do all the primos like to come over and watch the game?  Then your room’s focus could be plush seating facing the TV.  Measure about three times the diagonal length of the screen – that’s about how far back the piece should be.  Like to play board games?  Go for a combo of sofa, coffee table and easy chairs.”


  1. Frame Your Memories

“Maybe you have folk art, textiles or mementos from home that your parents gave you. Hang or place them together, rather than around the room, so they’ll feel like a single work of art.”


  1. Indulge in Color

“Especially coming from a Latin background, I love bright colors – orange, rich blues, tangerines, Kelly green.  The key is balance: My art, furniture and accessories are really vivid, but my walls are neutral.  If you have very bright walls, then you want to keep all the furniture neutral – glass, Lucite, light wood or white.”


  1. Crowd Your Cocina

“When I was growing up, my grandmother’s kitchen was always gossip central, and I loved the smells and energy there.  So I like putting stools around a kitchen island to let everyone squeeze in.”



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