How Busy Moms and Dads Can Get Organized Once and For All with Lifestyle Expert, Tara Paterson

Are you a busy mom or dad on the go, and would give anything to simplify your morning or evening routine? If so, you’re in luck. Lifestyle expert and mom, Tara Paterson joined me recently to dish on how parents can save money this spring, how to get/stay organized, how to plan your meals a month in advance and so much more!


Lifestyle expert, Tara Paterson dishes on how busy moms and dads can get organized once and for all!

Lifestyle expert, Tara Paterson dishes on how busy moms and dads can get organized once and for all!




Candace Rose: What are some great ways parents can save money this spring?

Tara Paterson: “With spring, obviously comes busy schedules, everything from sporting practices to nicer weather, longer days, people wanting to spend time outside so you really don’t want to get caught up in the house in the kitchen spending all your time there. It’s important for parents to have shortcuts for getting things done. Simplify things like utilizing already cut vegetables or fruits, things that you can kind of grab and go if you’re headed out the door or even just use for dinner so that you don’t have to spend time in the kitchen prepping.

I’ve actually partnered with some of my brands today to also share with you some other things that can help with pleasing the family, as well as staying organized.

So let’s start with the kids. Most parents want to make sure their kids are happy, so I have brought with me here this Mott’s Juice Drinks. They’re perfect for kids, they have these really great bold flavors like this ‘Fruit Punch Rush’ and ‘Strawberry Boom’ that kids really like – 40% less sugar, no artificial sweeteners and 100% of your daily vitamin C. They come in different sizes, so you can have one in the refrigerator, but you can grab one of the eight ounce bottles on the go if you’re headed out or even to throw in the lunch boxes.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional advice when it comes to organizing?

Tara Paterson: “Definitely. I think with spring, people obviously think about spring cleaning, so you want to stay organized. Personally, I use a different set of dishes in the winter time than I do in the spring, so a lot of people are cleaning out their cabinets or maybe they’re going through their pantry and have expired past their date, or what not. I have a suggestion for that- Duck Brand liners are perfect for all of your needs – everything from your drawers to your cupboards, pantries, even your laundry room. This Smooth Top Easy Liner is actually a non-adhesive liner that you can lay down very easily. They come in all different designs and decorations, so if you want to have a different look for spring, this is a great option. They also have these new adhesive liners in chalkboard or dry erase. The dry erase is perfect for kids that want to organize their toys and you have bins to separate things into. You can actually affix it to the bin, and then label it. It’s just a great way to stay organized and keep track of where everything is. These liners are also really easy to take care of. They wipe down easily and you can actually throw them in the washing machine. They’re super durable and easy to use.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any mealtime suggests for parents on a budget?

Tara Paterson: “I definitely think that if you plan ahead, what I like to do at the beginning of the month is think about what I might need for the whole month. I might say get a package of chicken, so that I know I have so many meals, and I make sure that I do that at the beginning of the month so that I’m not spending my money on some of the extras that we pick up at the grocery store. I think making sure that you have all the necessities up front is key, and also making meals that you can get more than one meal out of. The other night I made sauce, so we had dinner that night with it and then I freezes the rest so that I have it for another time.┬áJust thinking in ways that you can maximize a meal and turn it into more than just one.”


Candace Rose: Absolutely. Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Tara Paterson: “Absolutely. For most parents I think the key is to plan ahead. The night before school I make sure to pick out all my kids clothes. I like to pre pack their lunches because a lot of parents feel that mornings are too rushed and they don’t have time to make lunches, especially if you have multiple kids. I make sure that I pre pack them at night so that all we have to do is throw in a drink and maybe a sandwich, I think that’s important.

As the warm weather is approaching and the kids are going to be getting out of school, make sure to spend some time over the summer reading with your kids. I know that a lot of parents tend to shift their routine, it’s more flexible in the summer, but it is super important to make sure and keep them on track so when school starts up again they’re ready to go.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Tara Paterson: “You can visit to find out more about the juice drinks, go to to see patterns and find out more about these. Viewers can go to my website which is I have all kinds of tips and information and recipes up there.”


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