Spring Cleaning, Decluttering and Organizing 101 with Mom On The Run, Colleen Burns!

Nothing says spring quite like warm temps, tulips and daffodils in bloom, and spring cleaning! As someone who gets overwhelmed with decluttering and organizing my home any time of the year, spring is the perfect excuse to get my humble abode and life outside of work in order (as best as possible). If decluttering, cleaning and organizing gets you overwhelmed as well, you’re in luck! Author, lifestyle expert and mom, Colleen Burns was kind enough to join me once again, this time to dish her must have tips to ensure your home is clean and organized, and overwhelm is a thing of the past.



Lifestyle expert, author and mom, Colleen Burns shares spring cleaning, organizing and decluttering tips!

Lifestyle expert, author and mom, Colleen Burns shares spring cleaning, organizing and decluttering tips!




Candace Rose: What should we focus on as we dive into spring?

Colleen Burns: “This time of the year is a great time to organize, it’s also a great time to freshen up your home- it could be adding a little extra color, adding some new items in your home. Largely, when we’re walking through our homes, everything is so familiar that it creates sort of a neutral mood. If you can add some extra color- maybe with some toss pillows or some inexpensive artwork that can actually lift your mood because it’s a new place for your eyes to land, it’s also great to have some cleared off space that can lift up your mood, decrease your stress, so you’re trying to get to that point where you’re enjoying your spring a little bit more and feeling less of that stress.

It’s also a good time of the year to switch up the scent in your home. For example, this time of the year, your sensitivity to scent is actually increased with increasing temperatures. If you didn’t know that, that happens this time of the year, so it’s a great time to take advantage of that and find a new signature scent for your home. You can look to this (please see video above for details) new limited edition spring collection from Glade. They have five new spring scents all inspired by the uplifting feelings we have right now. Live Loud and Lift Off are two of my favorite favorites. The Live Loud has rose hips and plumeria; Lift Off has white tea and magnolia scents- sort of a refreshing and clean smell. These are great scents for your home, but don’t be limited just to the sprays, you can also look to candles and oils and wax melts- those are great ways to layer in different fragrances or have the same fragrance at different intensities throughout your house.”


Candace Rose: Are there any other small improvements that we can make this spring in our homes?

Colleen Burns: “Well, you want to declutter. That’s so important, and it’s something you really need to get to before you can even get to the business of organizing. For many of us, clutter can include paperwork- that stuff you’re pushing around on the counters, stuffing into drawers…you really need to go through it and toss it or file it away. And when you’re tossing away some these seem to be insignificant papers, you have to remember there can be some pretty important information on them. So make sure you get rid of them properly. It’s a great time, and a very stylish time to get rid of those materials with the new Space-Shaver Shredders from Staples. This is a 10 sheet crosscut shredder, which means it can get rid of a lot of paperwork in very quick time. They come in four metallic colors, in addition to the black, so it’s a great way to add a little extra color to your home. You can find it at Staples for about $149.00.”


Candace Rose: I’m terrible when it comes to organizing around the house! Do you have any tips?

Colleen Burns: “About 80% of the clutter in our home is due to disorganization. It’s not because we don’t have enough space. It’s a great idea, especially in those concentrated areas of clutter near your entryways- maybe your garage door, your front door, to put down what I call drop zones. These are areas with organizational bins where your children and other family members can drop their things in an organized way. So find something like these cloth drawers (please see video above for details) they come from ClosetMaid in 20 colors. You can easily then assign a color to each family member, and then they can be in charge of storing away their book bags, their sports equipment, their toys. They can have one or two or three of these bins but they’re in different colors, so they know where to go to find their things instead of asking you to find it for them; and then you can then store them in a much more organized way, whether it’s on a shelf or under a bench, or in your closet.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Colleen Burns: “Well, if you can enlist your family and make it a game in some way- I was just talking to somebody else a litter earlier today, and her family calls it ‘Blitzing’- you set a time limit and you all attack some project at the same time. It’s fun, it’s competitive, you get it done more quickly and then maybe you can find a way to reward yourself afterward with a nice meal or some activity.”


Candace Rose: That’s perfect! Where can we go for more information?

Colleen Burns: “You can get more information at VideoPump.tv, or you can get my new book on my website and find out some more tips there at: Momarchy.com.”


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