Guilt-Free Snacks, Breakfast Must Haves and Hydration Secrets from Registered Dietitian, Robyn Flipse

Happy second day of spring! Are you on a mission to get in shape and start eating better before summer arrives in a few short months? With March being National Nutrition Month, now is a perfect time to start eating and drinking right, so you can look and feel your best. Registered dietitian, Robyn Flipse joined me for an interview yesterday to dish on how we can get our health in order this spring, her favorite breakfast cereal, great guilt-free snacks and treats, how to stay properly hydrated, and whether or not we really do need eight glasses of water a day. 


Registered dietitian Robyn Flipse dishes her favorite guilt-free snacks, breakfast secrets and tips for staying properly hydrated this spring! Photo credit:

Registered dietitian Robyn Flipse dishes her favorite guilt-free snacks, breakfast secrets and tips for staying properly hydrated this spring! Photo credit:






Candace Rose: What are some simple ways we can get our health in order this spring?

Robyn Flipse: “Well, obviously spring is a great time to refocus on getting back in shape by eating and exercising right after a long winter where we might have hibernated a little bit, so I do have some suggestions to help make that easier.”


Candace Rose: With March being National Nutrition Month, what are some quick and easy ways we can meet our dietary needs?

Robyn Flipse: “Well, the first thing I suggest is to look for Daisy brand cottage cheese because it is packed with protein, and protein is so important to helping us feel full longer. You get 13 grams of protein in every half cup serving, so that’s really valuable. And the new packaging on Daisy brand in that crowded dairy case because there is a dark blue lid on the regular cottage cheese and a light blue lid on the low fat. The label also highlights the Daisy difference which is their high quality ingredients. They have only four ingredients in their cottage cheese where other brands have 10 or more.

The thing I like best about it though is it’s not only delicious, it’s versatile- you can use it for meals or for snacks. You can pair it up with savory ingredients like tomatoes topped with cottage cheese and herbs, or a sweet combination where it’s paired with fresh fruit like strawberries and bananas. So that is a really great food to have for meals, for snacks and for really delicious and nutritious eating.”


Candace Rose: Are there any other guilt-free snacks or treats that you recommend?

Robyn Flipse: “I like to recommend that we stay properly hydrated because that is so essential to good health. We need to get enough water every day to meet all our body’s requirements, but some of us don’t drink enough water. And to get past that, you might want to turn to a flavored water like Fruit Water. It is a line of delicious zero calorie sparkling waters that are naturally fruit flavored. And for someone like me, that means I’ll drink enough because I like the flavor, but I don’t want the calories- and it doesn’t have any. Anyone who is trying to lose weight or manage their weight can look at the no and low calorie beverages has a way to help them reach their goals. That’s very important, whether you’re drinking water or a flavored water, you need to get fully hydrated every day.”


Candace Rose: How many glasses of water do we need a day?

Robyn Flipse: “That actually differs how active you are, how old you are and a lot of other things that can affect your fluid requirements. But there are requirements that hover around the level of nine to 11 cups for women. Part of that can be met with high moisture foods like fruits and vegetables and salads and soups which deliver some fluid. It’s not a hard and fast number for everyone, but the point is if you’re drinking throughout the day, you’re probably going to meet your needs rather than just waiting until you’re thirsty.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Robyn Flipse: “I want to make sure you know about the Fiber One Protein which is a delicious new granola cereal that has this wonderful combination of protein and fiber which we need to start the day off right. And for a smart and satisfying breakfast, anyone who wants more fiber can just pour cereal and milk into a bowl and get a much higher protein meal than they would any other quick way. They come in two wonderful flavors – there’s a maple brown sugar and a cranberry almond. They’re both available nationwide in grocery stores, so easy to find…put in the cart and start your day off right.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Robyn Flipse: “You can find information on all these products that I mentioned at the website:”


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