Supermodels Anne Vyalitsyna and Lydia Hearst Talk “The Face” Season 2

Supermodel Naomi Campbell’s hit reality show “The Face” is back for a second season and better than ever. Host Nigel Barker is returning as well and will be “serving as a confidante and advisor to the 12 supermodel hopefuls” (Oxygen). Season two also brings new team coaches, supermodels Anne Vyalitsyna (Anne V) and Lydia Hearst. This season the model contestants will be vying for the coveted role as “the face” of Frédéric Fekkai’s 2014 national ad campaign brand.

Anne Vyalitsyna and Lydia Hearst were kind enough to join me for an interview this week to dish on the second season of “The Face”, what it takes to be a successful model and the face of a brand, and much more! Don’t forget to tune into season 2 of “The Face” premiering on Wednesday, March 5 at 10:00 pm on Oxygen.


Clockwise from the top: Supermodels Naomi Campbell, Anne Vyalitsyna, Lydia Hearst and host, Nigel Barker. Image courtesy of

Clockwise from the top: Supermodels Naomi Campbell, Anne Vyalitsyna, Lydia Hearst and host, Nigel Barker. Image courtesy of



Candace Rose: What does it take to succeed as a model and be the face of a brand?

Lydia Hearst: “You know there are a lot of variations – like various things that factor into that where it’s just being beautiful is not just enough. You have to have to have the courage and the inner strength. And you have to really test yourself.

And you have to have the personality and the professionalism. And you have to be willing to work hard and put in the hours. And you have to be well versed in who it is that you’re working for.

And that’s sort of one of the things we had to teach a lot of the model contestants as we’re mentoring them on the show because as all of you know, the winner actually becomes the face and brand ambassador for Frederic Fekkai. And we really want to make sure that our girls are well spoken and that they’re polite and respectful.

And there’s a lot of it that’s really tricky to just pinpoint a few little things because there’s so much that goes into truly being successful at the end. But if you trust your gut and you work hard and you make sure that you’re educated and professional, you will go far.”


Anne Vyalitsyna: Yes, I completely agree with Lydia. I mean the thing is why some people become stars and others don’t, you know, no one knows how Gisele became Gisele. I mean everyone knows but no one can repeat it.

So there’s no handbook how to become a supermodel. If anyone, you know, if everyone knew how to do it, everyone would be. But I think the most important thing besides having the knowledge, being professional, being very, nice, willing to work is you have to have personality.

Because you just have to send out a kind of – you need to find something really unique about yourself and just really use that because I think God created us so different for a reason and you just kind of really need to use that to your advantage.”


Candace Rose: Can you talk to us about some of the unique challenges the models will face this season?

Lydia Hearst: Yes. You know it’s – some of the challenges were having the girls pose in a window display. And they did that for Juicy Couture. So us as mentors we’re having to choose the outfits that they’re wearing and literally position them in the storefronts.

And they’re having to hold these really difficult poses for I believe it was three minutes or something they had to actually stand there like living mannequins, not moving. And it’s really interesting because there are so many factors that go into that. And it’s not easy to hold a very uncomfortable, awkward pose for even ten seconds, let alone three minutes.

And there were other things where they had to do viral videos and there were even times where we had to do a little bit of choreography for the girls. And needless to say, I am not a professional choreographer so that was a bit of a challenge I would say probably for all of us there.

And there were commercial shoots where we’re writing the scripts for them. And even runway can be challenging.”







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