How to Set Healthy New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep with Osteopathic Internist, Dr. Laura M. Rosch, DO,

Do you have a hard time making and keeping New Year’s resolutions? If so, you’re not alone…as most of us do. You may make a resolution to lose 10 pounds in a certain amount of time or that you’ll stop eating gluten every day, but according to osteopathic internist, Dr. Laura M. Rosch, DO the only resolution you should make is to “set goals”. Dr. Rosch was kind enough to join me for an interview to discuss how to make a goal you can keep and build momentum for the entire year, she also discussed simple ways we can all become healthier with diet and exercise, and how to even get the kids involved in making good healthy decisions.

Osteopathic internist, Dr. Laura Rosch discusses how you can set healthy resolutions for 2014! Image courtesy of

Osteopathic internist, Dr. Laura Rosch discusses how you can set healthy resolutions for 2014! Image courtesy of


Candace Rose: Why are New Year’s resolutions so hard to make/stick to, and should we ditch them for good?

Dr. Laura M. Rosch, DO: “There is nothing wrong with making resolutions to set goals. The problem is that people set to large of goals without a step-by-step plan. The key is to set small goals with measurable outcomes to track. For example, if you want to run marathon, that is great! But, maybe start with 5K as a first goal. Do you want to lose 10 pounds?  Instead try to think “I want to lose three pounds this month.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any advice for parents and caregivers who don’t think they have enough time in the day to get everything done, especially exercise?

Dr. Laura M. Rosch, DO: “It is important to set priorities. Sometimes it might only be possible to exercise in 5- 10 minute bursts a couple of times during the day, but it adds up to a full work out.

Make lifestyle changes like taking the stairs as opposed to the elevator or parking a little further away from the office and getting a longer walk in if the weather permits.

As a working mother I know it is hard to make time to exercise when you want to spend time with your family, so involve your children in exercise by making it a fun family activity. Go for a walk or bike ride together.”

Candace Rose: How can parents teach their children to make healthy decisions?

Dr. Laura M. Rosch, DO: “Parents should exhibit good decisions and be role models by not only eating mindfully, but living their lives mindfully.

Parents can also schedule and plan activities and healthy diets for the day so that children have something easy to follow.

It is also important for parents to teach kids, and sometimes themselves, to be flexible and never be too hard on yourself. If you don’t meet your goal for a day, do not throw in the towel. Just learn from the choices you made that day and make adjustments.”


Candace Rose: What are some good healthy diet choices we can make this year?

Dr. Laura M. Rosch, DO: “Add fruit and veggies to all of your snacks and meals! One easy way is to substitute eggplant for meat in dishes.

Another way to cut back on meat is to use tofu instead of chicken.

I love bean dishes, and Thai and Hispanic food, which both offer a variety of healthy options.

Grab veggie and fruit smoothies for quick snacks. Kids love them!”


I love making smoothies in the Vitamix I received from my parents for Christmas. - Candace Rose

I love making fruit smoothies every morning in the Vitamix I received from my parents for Christmas. I feel healthier already! My grandmother who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease loves them as well. – Candace Rose



Candace Rose: Sometimes no matter how hard we try, it can be hard to actually take a breather and relax. What advice do you have for those of us who are always on the go?

Dr. Laura M. Rosch, DO: “Fatigue and minor mishaps tell us to slow down and listen to our bodies and take time to rest.
When our schedules are packed, it is a must to schedule relaxation time in the day. For instance, I meditate 10 minutes every morning and take breathing yoga breaks

If you can find time in the evening, light some candles and take a warm bath.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Dr. Laura M. Rosch, DO: “I’d say make sure you get enough sleep. Eat well. Drink water. Be active. Be positive.

As an osteopathic physician, I cannot stress enough the importance of prevention. Please, remember to see your physician for regular health exams.

Each new day is a new opportunity to live a healthy life.”

Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Dr. Laura M. Rosch, DO: “More information on keeping healthy resolutions is available at at’s-resolution-healthy-lifestyle-changes.aspx.”


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