How to Throw a Fab New Year’s Eve Party At Home with Entertaining Expert, Jamie Krell

Are you looking to bid 2013 adieu with a party at home with your closest friends and family, but aren’t sure how to throw a fun festive celebration neither one of you are sure to forget? If so, you’re in luck! Entertaining expert, Jamie Krell was kind enough to join me for an interview recently to dish her top tips on how to throw a fabulous New Year’s Eve party at home- from the signature cocktail to delicious appetizers and a fun at-home photo booth, Jamie has everything you need to ensure you and your guests kick 2014 off in style!






Candace Rose: How can we throw a great New Year’s Eve party at home this year?
Jamie Krell: “I think that now more than ever, people want to stay in on New Year’s Eve. We’ve maybe spent a little too money or we’re a little too stressed and tired to go out and deal with the crowds and spending even more money. It was interesting because Barefoot Wine and Bubbly, they just commissioned a recent survey and they found that 54% of Americans would rather stay in on New Year’s Eve than go out and deal with all the hassle. If you are going to entertain at home, I want to share with you some fun, easy festive and affordable tips to doing this in a really creative fun way.

The first tip I want to share with you is really to just pick a color scheme and run with it. For New Year’s Eve, I think metallic colors are great- so gold, silver and carry it out throughout your home…so use it for the tablecape and the decor throughout your house. And then you can use it also to create an invitation. I think the paper invitation is a little bit of a lost art form, and it’s inexpensive and easy to do right online or you can go right to your local party, get a metallic invitation, hand write all the information right on there and pop them in the mail. I think your guests will really appreciate it and it gets them excited and jazzed up about the night ahead and makes it a little bit more personal.

Now once they get their invitations and come over, of course we can’t talk about New Year’s Eve and not talk about popping the cork and celebrating and toasting to the new year ahead. But instead of having to play bartender all night long and stressing in the kitchen, I love the idea of doing an easy really festive bubbly bar. My favorites from Barefoot Bubbly are great for a bubbly bar because there are nine varieties to choose from and they’re only $10 each. I love the Pink Moscato, the Classic Brut and then they have their new fusion, which have natural fruit flavors as well. You can set that up and guests can test and try their favorite and sip it throughout the night. Now this I’m also obsessed with- Barefoot Bubbly does these little mini bottles and you can get four of them in a pack for $4, and this is a really creative idea to just put it in a little individual glass with ice (please see video above for details) and straw. You can write their name and Happy New Year right along there, each person can get their own.

And lastly for the Bubbly Bar, I love to do just one signature easy cocktail that everyone will love and enjoy and it also looks really pretty. This is an easy recipe, it’s 3/4 of Blue with one/fourth ounces of grenadine and then just top it off with your Barefoot Bubbly Brut and your guests can sip on it throughout the night, and I love it on a gold tray to go with the theme. It’s super easy.

And then talking about easy, you don’t want to slave in the kitchen all night either, so make it a BYOA affair: bring your own appetizer. Make sure you put that on the invitation, so everyone knows to bring the appetizer that they’re famous for. And as the host, you can make one or two appetizers of your own. Here’s two that are really simple (please see video above for details) the first one is a crostini with ricotta cheese drizzled with honey and a little bit of mint garnish. The second is just these Greek skewers- so right on a skewer I just put tomato, cucumber, feta cheese and easy store bought Italian dressing right on a platter…and you are done in the kitchen.

And lastly I love giving your guests the keepsake of the night, it’s the last night of 2013…so create an at-home photo booth! You can just get a shower curtain, or a really pretty tablecloth and some duct tape…duct tape it to the wall and have your guests pose with really fun props. You can do hats- party hats, blowers, and social media people go crazy for this. You can even create your own hashtag, and like I said…it’s a great keepsake and memory of 2013.”

Candace Rose: Absolutely! Well, thank you so much, Jamie. Where can we go for more information?
Jamie Krell: “I’ll be posting everything at”


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