Last Minute Stress-Free Holiday Survival Guide with Lifestyle Expert, Colleen Burns

Entertaining can be very stressful, especially during the holidays. “Momanarchy” author, mom and lifestyle expert, Colleen Burns says it doesn’t have to be! She joined me for an interview this week to share her best tips on how to avoid stress and getting sick this winter!





Candace Rose: What’s the key to surviving the holiday season?

Colleen Burns: “Well, you know managing stress is the most important thing to do when the holidays are all about food, so I look for simple yet tasty solutions. Hummus is something I always go to because it’s high in protein and lower in fat than a lot of those typical dips, so it’s a great solution when you’re providing those holiday appetizers or snacks for families and relatives. I love Sabra hummus, it’s my favorite- there are 12 varieties including pine nut, roasted red pepper and supremely spicy. They’re all really good and you can pair them with everything from apples to chicken wings, and if you pair them with everything from red peppers to green peppers or celery and cherry tomatoes. It’s a very quick holiday appetizer.”


Candace Rose: What are some other ways we can be healthy this holiday season?

Colleen Burns: “It’s really easy to come down with a cold this time of year as you can imagine because we’re all stressed out and some of us are sleep deprived and then you’re in contact with all those shoppers at the mall. So when you do o feel a cold coming on, so my advice is take zinc gluconate. Take it as soon as you feel like you’ve got a cold because it will decrease the duration of your cold by nearly half. You can find Zinc Gluconate in Cold-Eeze cold remedy products. There are two new products from Cold-Eeze cold remedy this year- Plus Natural Immune Support and Plus Natural Immune Support Plus Energy. In addition to the zinc gluconate product it has rosehips and echinacea which really helps support your immune system and keep you healthier this time of the year.”

Candace Rose: What are some great last minute stocking stuffers?

Colleen Burns: “Well, for me at least, guys are a little difficult to buy for and luckily I’ve got six of them- six boys and a husband. I usually go with grooming products, that’s something that guys don’t want to pick out themselves, this way I can pick out the ones I like and put them in their stockings. Dove Men + Care has a great line called Cool Silver. I like the way they smell and the way they work. They have a deodorant antiperspirant that works for 48 hours and is non irritating, so that’s a great solution. Typically if you purchase something that you like, they’ll end up putting it into their daily routine.”

Candace Rose: The holidays entail a lot of traveling, how can we make it easier?

Colleen Burns: “It’s true, we’re all stuck in cars going to and from relatives houses and even to and from the mall- somebody gets hungry and you don’t want to make choices and you like fast food, who doesn’t? Fast food french fries are wonderful and I always feel guilty about ordering them, but this year I don’t have to because you can now get them with 40% less fat and 30% fewer calories at Burger King- they’re called Satisfries, they’re really tasty and only 190 calories per valued sized serving. Even if you’re stuck in the car, even if you have to make a quick stop for food, this is a healthier choice.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Colleen Burns: “You can get more information at You can also get more information by doing this whole mom thing a better way in my new book called “Momarchy”, and you can find it at”


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