Gift Ideas for the Guy Who Has Everything with Dan the Gift Guru Tower

Men are notorious for being difficult to shop for, either they have everything and don’t claim to need anything…or they don’t give sufficient clues as to what they really want. Well, if you’re on the hunt for a great last minute gift for the special guy on your list, you’re in luck! Gift expert, Dan Tower aka as the “gift guru” joined me for an interview recently to discuss the must have gifts every guy on your list is sure to love!

Candace Rose: Why are so many men so hard to shop for?

Dan Tower: “Historically guys have been really difficult to buy gifts for. I think mostly because they don’t let on what kind of stuff they like, and they always claim they have everything and they don’t want anything. So as a gift giver you’re kind of put in a weird situation, and do like to get good gifts. What I’m trying to get across is I think the strategy is find gifts that are low risk but are high reward this season.

One of the greatest low risk/high reward gifts I find are skincare products. A brand I just came across that I really love is called Bee Bald. Bee Bald makes premium skincare products for guys without hair. They have a whole line of skincare products that are amazing, the guys put this on and they feel and they look fantastic. They’ve got a bunch of products that are sold individually as well as in gift bundles. If you go to the Bee Bald site you can see their whole product line and find more information on the whole line. When guys tried this stuff out, they didn’t even know it existed, and they love this kind of gift.

Now another type of guy that we have a lot of problems trying to find a gift for the hip and really cool guy. It’s really intimidating to try and find this type of guy a gift, and the gift that I am suggesting is a bottle or two of Don Miguel Gascon Malbec. I say Malbec because it is the hottest wine varietal out there. Don Miguel Gascon is legendary for making some of the best Malbec’s in Argentina. They have a bunch of different types, but they all run between $14 and $22. So if you get the Malbec or the Reserva, it’s a great value at between 14 and 22 bucks, but I love this part- it matches his trendy and hip lifestyle, it’s that kind of wine. For more information and to find this wine in your neighborhood, please go to

Now I want to jump to another type of guy that’s kind of hard to find a gift for, it’s the do-it-yourselfer! I came across a really cool new product, it’s from a company called Gerber, and they are legendary in the knife arena. It’s called the MP1, and it’s a multi-tool. It’s a commercial grade heavy duty multi tool with 10 different tools on it. There are three blades, there are two screwdrivers, there’s a pry bar, pliers- it is loaded. But what I love about it is that’s rugged, it’s warrantied for life. For just under $100 (on Amazon) you can give him a gift that he will have forever. That to me is very low risk and very high reward.

Along those lines for the do-it-yourselfer, I have a stocking stuffer you have to pick up, it’s a working hands hand cream. It’s a really cool product because it was developed by a pharmacist who wanted to develop a hand cream that dealt with dry hands and cracked hands, and it has a lot of restorative properties to take away all that aging and hard work out of those hands. It’s around $8 and perfect for the do-it-yourselfer.

One more stocking stuffer I love is called the insulated vacuum tumbler. It’s from a company called Klean Kanteen and is around $20. What it is is a double walled pint glass, it keeps hot beverages hot and keeps cold beverages cold. It’s a single use cup, so you can use it for a lot of different uses along the course of the day. It’s a great stocking stuffer, maybe put a gift card into it and he’s going to love that one.

My last one is a tablet, tablets are definitely low risk, high reward because everyone wants tablets. This is great for a dad with a family. Samsung just came out with the Galaxy tablet 3 Kids. It’s got software and a user interface that appeals to kids- it has kids games and kids apps and it’s all parentally controlled so you can say I want the kid to play for just a half hour, or you can block certain games. This interface can easily be clear and then it’s a normal Android tablet. It’s a 7 inch touchscreen tablet so the dad can get on Youtube, he can get on Netflix, do his social networking. It’s a great gift for the whole family.

It’s big time reward for the whole family, and that’s what all these gifts represent- low risk….really high reward gifts for the holiday season.”

Candace Rose: Thanks Dan! Where can we go for more information?

Dan Tower: “I’m on Twitter @DanTheGiftGuru. I’ll highlight all these gift products there, but also give gift advice there too. If you’re stuck, let me know and I can help you out.”


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