3 Must Have Apps for iPhone and Android Users with Tech Expert, Mario Armstrong

Are you asking Santa for a new iPhone or Android this year? Whether you’re hoping a new tech device will be under the Christmas tree or your current smartphone is lacking in the “fun” department, nothing brings an iPhone 5s or Droid to life like a great app! Tech expert, Mario Armstrong joined me yesterday to dish on the top tech trends we’ll soon be seeing in 2014 and the three must have apps every smartphone user can’t live without!




Candace Rose: What are some of the newest features people can expect this year?

Mario Armstrong: “They can expect a couple of things- number one: you’re going to see apps that are connected to more physical devices, so maybe you’re wearing a health monitor or some health device on your waist or on your wrist, and that’s connected to an app. So you’re going to start seeing more physical things connecting to virtual and digital things.

The second thing will be more interactivity and physically touching the screens on these devices to interact with characters in two ways. Those are the two biggest things that I think you’ll see that are new.”

Candace Rose: What’s fun for everyone in the family?

Mario Armstrong: “I have three great apps that I want to show everyone, the first that I think that is great- I don’t care if they’re five to 95 years old…you’ll love this one! It’s called Clumsy Ninja, it’s a free app and the whole idea is the Clumsy Ninja needs to become a really masterful ninja because he needs to save his friend Keira who has been kidnapped, so that’s the plot and the story…the problem is he really is kind of clumsy, so I have to make him into a really sharp ninja. Here’s the thing, notice when I touch his eyes and his head will recognize that I’m pulling his hand- that is amazing technology that you just don’t see in every single game that’s out there. That is super impressive and to do this in the past you would have needed a super computer to make this type of thing happen, but what you do is basically you train him over time. As he goes through training exercises he becomes a more masterful ninja which gets him closer to saving his friend Keira. 10 million people downloaded this app within the first week it came out. This is a mega hit, my kid loves it…I love it, I’m addicted to it and it’s just a lot of fun. You can’t go wrong playing some Clumsy Ninja. It’s on Apple devices, just head over to the Apple store for that. Like I said, it’s free to play. There are in-app purchases so be aware of that, but it’s free to play the game all the way through if you wanted to.”

Candace Rose: What’s new for those who love the fast lane?

Mario Armstrong: “We don’t want you driving physical cars fast, but virtual cars- that’s cool. I have a great app…it’s free, it’s called CSR Racing. There are two things car apps need: beautiful vehicles, and this one delivers. It has over 55 licensed and totally authentic vehicles. The game makers actually worked with companies like Audi to really say ‘what is the actual color of that particular car. We want that specific color and model in our game. The other thing that racing games need is a great driving experiences. You really feel like the graphics are beautiful and that it’s intense and a lot of fun. This is drag style racing, driving through city streets. You can shift gears, hit your turbo button…it’s just a lot of fun to play. As you go higher and higher, you get to buy things for your car so you can customize it…or you can get things for free depending on how well you’re doing to customize your car later on. That particular game has had over 80 million downloads and it’s available on a lot of different devices like your Google Play Store (which is Android), Amazon app store, as well as the Apple app store.”

Candace Rose: I understand there’s a new app for horse lovers. Can you tell us about it?

Mario Armstrong: “We can’t forget animal lovers and horse lovers. People may be asking for a pony or a horse for Christmas…that can be pretty expensive! So get them a virtual horse. See if they can take care of the virtual one first. This one is called My Horse. It’s a free app, you get to name the horse and the whole idea is you get to take care of this horse, you get to feed it, care for it, groom it, buy items for it. You can even change the color and customize your horse. You can also interact with the horse! If you touch the screen, you can move its head to the left or to the right, you can wag its tail…but not only that, you can put them in competitions as well and have them jump over obstacles. You have to make it jump and you score points and more awards for that, and you get higher and higher levels. Lots of fun! You can take pictures within the app too, which is really cool and you can share those with your friends as well. That particular app is free to play, it’s available in the Google Play Store, Apple Store and the Amazon app store too.”

Candace Rose: Well, thank you as always, Mario! Where can we go for more information?

Mario Armstrong: “It’s my pleasure. I feel like everyone should download apps- when you get the devices for the holidays or if you have them now. They’re not any good unless you have great apps. I’d say, head over to NaturalMotion.com/Games.”


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